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What’s the Best Thing to Enjoy Nightlife in Kanpur? – Complete Master List

Many people love to plan their trip in the night. There can be as many good reasons as one can think. The weather, moonlight view, long drives, no traffic, and many more. I am also someone who loves the night trip more than the day trips. Before this Corona virus pandemic, I made a trip to Kanpur for a travel shoot. What I discovered was there are incredible places to visit in Kanpur. And, I am happy to say that those were the best days of my travel experience. So, I decided to share my experience and let you people know how much I enjoy the nightlife in Kanpur.

So, if you are someone who has a hometown at this place or planned a trip to explore Kanpur. Please do not forget to add the mentioned places on your list. It will give you an unforgettable experience and treat to your life. So, here I begin.

Kanpur is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. It is an important industrial center and is famous for IIT and HBTU. A person visiting Kanpur for travel or business purposes must travel these places. The mentioned are perfect places to escape the troubles of a busy life and spend a good time. To recover energy and boost one’s morale, visit these amazing places. It let you experience the nightlife in Kanpur to the fullest of your trip.

A List of Some of the Amazing Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Kanpur

  1. JK Temple – Wonderful Blend of Modern and Ancient Architecture

The temple has a high roofed mandapas, which allows adequate lighting and ventilation. It is a delightful time to visit and attract thousands of worshipers throughout the year. There are five shrines in the temple, with the central sanctuary. They sacred by Shri Radhakrishna. Others have idols from Shri Hanuman Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Narmadeshwar, and Shri Ardhanarishwar. It is one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Kanpur. Lit by dense lights, a garden near the temple provides the perfect consolation.

What Can’t You Miss? – There is also a lake near the temple that adds beauty to the temple. You can take a walk there that provides peace and happiness. One can visit this place from 5am – 12pm and 4pm – 10pm (daily).

How to Reach? – You can board a local transport from Kanpur to reach the temple. It hardly takes an hour.

  1. Z Square for Movie, Food, and Fun

Z Square Mall has something for everyone. Omit! This mall spans two hectares (five acres) of the city’s main site on Mall Road. It is a shopping, entertainment and dining center. If you have some time to stand up, you can come here and the time will go away. With so many famous brands and restaurants here, you will spend a short time but you will never get bored. It has one destination for all your needs. Whether it’s shopping, entertainment, dining, parking, ot spending a day with the family.

What Can’t You Miss? – The food court of this Z Square mall has many scrumptious dishes to serve. It has great lighting and excellent to click pictures. It opens from 11 AM -12:00 AM.

How to Reach? – The best transport to visit this place is your vehicle so that you can take a good tour of the nightlife in Kanpur.

  1. Get Your Shopping List Done in the Naveen Market

The trip cannot be complete without shopping, right? When visiting Kanpur, Naveen Market is one of paradise for shoppers. It is an unshakable destination. Especially if you want to shop for clothes, leather, perfumes, and jewelry. Thousands of visitors come here every day and its popularity increases. All the shops that hosted by similar buildings are colonial buildings in the past.

What Can’t You Miss? – Aside from clothing, leather, and jewelry it also famous for handicrafts and other stuff. It starts at 11 AM and continues till 11 PM.

How to Reach? – You can visit the Naveen market say the local vendors to drop you at the Naveen market. It is a popular market and a good place to experience nightlife in Kanpur.

  1. Mill Club for a Minty Nightlife in Kanpur

The Mill is one of the most beloved bars in Kanpur. The bar features eccentric decor, and exposed pipes. It has metal and rustic wood furniture give an industrial feel to the place. The atmosphere here is also cold, and the soft lighting ensures attention to the mood of the party. The mill is also one of the most reasonable places in Kanpur and the food here is very great too. We recommend getting a few Hoegardens and chicken masala a thin-skinned Florentine pizza. Also, try some potato slices and chilling with friends.

What Can’t You Miss? – This place one of the best non-veg in Kanpur city. You will find their menu exciting and interesting.

How to Reach? – Drive your vehicle to enjoy a great time at Mill cafe. They have space for parking.

  1. Shor Cafe of Kanpur

Shor is another place where you can relax with a group without worrying about the bill. Bombay Bramble and The Lemon Cello recommended. You can also go to archers like Brain Hemorrhage and Autumn Flame to enter the party spirit. If you’ve been looking to get some great time with food and drinks, this place is an ideal choice.

What Can’t You Miss? –The pub recommended for party animals. To raise the ceiling every day and do not burn a hole in their pockets.

How to Reach? – You can do Ola or Uber. Also, one can reach this cafe by his/her vehicle and enjoy a great night.

Wrapping Up

In the above-detailed guide, I have given insights to have a fantastic nightlife in Kanpur. The information discusses from holy places to the best party clubs for great food, music, and fun. There are many options to choose from. So, check the complete list mentioned above.


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