10 Amazing ways Breathwork can change your life

Breath in deeply to bring your mind home to your body”- the saying of Thich Nhat Hanh, makes a lot of sense considering the hectic lifestyle this modern age follows on a daily basis. This mediocre way of life surrounded by high technological advancements has drained our energies completely, to even think and relax our minds.


Keeping in mind this bleary and highly exhausting manner that we live in, the term ‘breathwork’ came into existence. Breathwork can be defined as a modern term used to explain several kinds of breathing exercises and practices, which allows you to relax and bring your mind at peace. These breathing practices are really simple as its the normal inhale and exhale mechanism we do every day and minute to survive.  By channeling all the focus and attention on every breath you take, you use deep focused breathing into account which in change relaxes the mind.


Here is a list of possible ways in which breathwork can change your outlook towards life –



  1. Reduces anxiety, manages anger issues and depression


With such a fast forward lifestyle we hardly get any time to relax and channel or address our emotions. Such negligence and delay towards your own body and mind cause severe health-related issues that affect the mental and physical fitness of an individual. Breathwork helps in addressing your emotions and helps deal with anxiety and depression. Anger issues are a result of piled up negative emotions that need to be channeled out in a non-toxic manner. This is where breathwork helps a lot.


  1. Healing from emotional pain and trauma


Suffering from a loss of a loved one or losing the will to live are some of the many feelings one gathers after being traumatized. PTSD which is- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a type of mental trauma one goes through after suffering from a strong negative phase or incident in life. Breathwork is definitely recommended in such a case to better deal with grief and pain and help the person to overcome the negative emotion and fill their mind with optimistic thoughts.


  1. Improves the sleeping pattern


3 am is the new 10 pm as per the latest modern age sleep pattern which literally disorients their entire body system to function normally. Such disturbed sleep patterns result in a number of health issues such as increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. One of the best methods to cure this is to take breath work seriously without taking any sleep pills or other medications. It is the most natural way of healing and bringing our body system back to its normal functionality.


  1. Overcoming addictions


Being addicted to anything is never beneficial for anyone. With the increased rates of depression and anxiety disorders, especially among youngsters, drug addiction has become the most serious issue as an outcome of those disorders. To overcome stress, anxiety or depression, one does not need to depend on the drugs to make them feel better or for their mind to feel at peace. Most of the rehabilitation centers to are engulfing the idea of including breathwork as an important and regular exercise to deal with the addicts and make them feel good and peaceful again, both physically and mentally.


  1. Enhance the creativity skills


To open up our minds for creativity to flourish it is very important to first give ourselves space and time to manage the emotions. By regular focused breathing practices, we channel our minds to stay in harmony with our body and engulf the positive thoughts surrounding us, as we take in the deep fresh air in our breaths. This enhances creativity skills as we analyze and come up with new and interesting ideas that are highly creative as well as unique.


  1. Increasing the energy levels and boosting the immune system


As we take in the fresh deep breaths with detoxifying ourselves from all that is negative and evil in our minds and our bodies. This, in turn, increases the energy levels of our body and one ends up feeling good and enthusiastic. It is a cure for lethargy and has proven to completely change the way a person feels on a regular basis. Breathwork also boosts up our immune system as the blood flow rate gets to a normal pace.


  1. Raises up the confidence level and self-esteem


One of the growing reasons behind under confidence among people is stress and anxiety to deal with people around them. Breathwork enhances the self-esteem levels in an individual such that they end up feeling confident and self- assured with a fresh touch to the way they perceive life.


  1. Self- acceptance, and self- introspection skills


One of the most talked-about and appreciated the result of breathwork is the way people learn the art of self-acceptance and healthy introspection of one’s emotions.


It is very important that one addresses their sentimental responses in a healthy and non-toxic manner. To study our own behavioral pattern is the best method of self-introspection and self-acceptance.


  1. Developing a new outlook on life


The entire concept behind introducing breath work to the modern age is to develop a new and fresh outlook towards the manner in which everyone perceives life. Instead of treating it as a survival battle, breathwork teaches us to appreciate all that is offered to us by nature in its purest non-adulterated form, with each breath that we take in. It helps in bringing in new positive thoughts into our minds and making the journey of life more joyful.


  1. Releasing negative sentiments


There are a lot of pessimistic thoughts the mind raises on a daily basis, especially while someone is suffering from a mental or physical disorder. Breathwork has proven to be the most effective medicine in such a case as it does not involve any drug intake but just the natural way of inhaling and exhaling. It helps in withdrawing those negative emotions out and taking in the positive ones.

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