places to visit in iceland

Top Places to Visit in Iceland – Some Famous Attractions

The name Iceland is a misnomer; it is an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean. The glaciers covered are with 10% of the land. The climate is mild, and volcanic activities keep the country warm. This is why it is also known as the land of fire and ice. Moreover, it is warmed by the gulf streams and has a temperate climate, despite high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly.

Iceland is the world’s largest island and Europe’s second-largest island after Great Britain. There are almost 30 islands in Iceland. It generally has a higher temperature than most places, which is of similar latitude in the world. Let us discuss some of the best places to visit in Iceland, along with their major attractions.

List of Famous Places to Visit in Iceland

This country is a bunch of all the exciting things which one can enjoy like adventure, camping, caves, glacier, hiking, hot spring, museums, nature, outdoor recreation, volcanoes, and much more.

places to visit in iceland

  • Reykjavik Thingvellir national park (rugged volcanic national park and lakes)
  • Jokulsarlon (big glacial lake with icebergs and seals)
  • Myvatn (volcanic lake with a hot manmade lagoon)
  • Skaftafell (wilderness with glaciers and volcanoes)
  • Husavik (best place for whale watching)

Guide to Best Places in Iceland in Detail

1. Reykjavik –the capital of Iceland

This place is known for its late-night clubbing and bars in its center. This largest city is known as the capital of the country. Being famous for the northern lights atmospheric phenomenon, the darker months between the autumn and the spring in the rural area is the best time to visit here. Many visitors come across the country to spot that moment. 

When to visit?

June – august is the best month to travel because it is the peak time of summers to travel because of the mild weather and there are nearly 24 hours of daylight. The most exciting festival of Iceland is the Iceland airways music festival that is held in November. Every season of Iceland is having its significance and has its places to visit.

2. Thingvellir National park – National Park in Iceland 

It is the famous beauty spot that is filled with lakes and ridges plus a national historic shrine. Visitors come across the countries here to spot the beauty of this place. This place is cooler and also one of the best places to visit in Iceland. The water that flows here from the lakes and ridges is so clean. You cannot afford to miss the beauty and capture some best scenic views. Do not forget to take your travel camera along!

When to visit?

Many visitors mostly visit this place from May – September. During these months, there are more hours of daylight. Generally, the temperature in the months of October to April is cold. However, the freezing winters in the month from December to March make this place even more beautiful. 

3. Jokulsarlon –Glacial lake in Iceland 

This lake covered with ice is generally known as the glacial lake of Iceland. Icebergs are floating all around, giving amazing and beautiful views. The lake is covered with the white shield of ice that makes the surroundings beautiful. This place is full of seals and scubas and comes in the list of places to visit in Iceland on top. Tours through the boat and the cafes are the most famous adventure of this place.

When to visit?

May-September is the best time to visit; there is more daylight. The tours are dependent upon the boats here. Typically cooler months are June – August. Also, there is a possibility of snow in November–March.

4. Myvatn – Volcanic Lakes with Hot Manmade Lagoon

Myvatn is the most beautiful lake in Iceland. It is a naturally heated lagoon for which it is known for. The lake has views of the northern lights. Myvatn has a cool, dry climate year-round.

When to visit?

June- September is the best time to visit this place in summer because it is warmer and there are long hours of daylight. The temperature drops below freezing point in winters and early springs (November – April). The months of May – June see an influx of migratory birds.

 5. Skaftfell- wilderness with glaciers and volcanoes

It is the national park and one of the best places to visit in Iceland. Surrounded by the volcanoes, glaciers, and campsites, plus adventure hiking trails, this place has something for all visitors. People usually come and live here for long days and spend amazing moments with their families. It is an exciting place to visit with families and friends. Hotels and rooms are easily available at the nearby places. The place has the slender falls on a geometric rock face called Svartifoss. The mesmerizing views are worth watching.

When to visit?

May – September is the time when the vacations are going on. Most of the families plan to visit such places so that they can spend some quality time together along with enjoyment. The temperature is cold from September – May, and it snows during November – March.

6. Husavik – Best Place of Whale Watching

Husavik, a beautiful town in Iceland, is the best place for whale watching. It is served by Husavik Airport and is a town in Nordurping municipality on the north coast of Iceland along the shores of Skjalfandi. Being one of the most famous landmarks of the town is the beautiful wooden church Husavikkurkirkja, this place gives some best views to witness.

How to Reach Iceland? – Modes of Transportation

Reaching by Air

In India, we have several cities from where the flights for Iceland are available. Cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi operates flights for Iceland. There are many central international airports in Iceland. If you want to reach Iceland from the USA and Canada, Icelandair is the best airline that is less costly and operates frequently. WOW Air is also known for its reasonable fares, and it flies from 14 Major European destinations to Iceland. 

Reaching by Water

The option of water to reach Iceland is only available in summers between April and October. However, it is an island country, so reaching it by rail and road is generally not possible. Waterways are one of the best possible options, and many travelers find cruises and ferries, which adds adventure to reach this place.


Overall, Iceland is a very nice place to visit with the family during the summer. As it is said that Greenland is no green and all ice; similarly, Iceland is little ice and all green. It has a lot of greenery in summers. With active volcanoes and beautiful cities in the country, there are many beautiful places to visit in Iceland.

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