Places to Visit in Bagdogra

Top Incredible Places to Visit in Bagdogra

Encircled by lavish green tea cultivation, this town of West Bengal – Bagdogra is an ideal escape for nature sweethearts. It fills in as a base for the visitors who are making a trip to Darjeeling, Siliguri, Sikkim, Kolkata, other cities of West Bengal, and to the neighboring nation Bhutan. From West Bengal, we have already discussed the haunted places to visit in Barrackpore Kolkata. Now, apart from that, it’s the time to explore some beautiful and mesmerizing places in other cities of West Bengal. In this write-up, we are going to elaborate on some of the top attractions and places to visit in Bagdogra, a beautiful city in West Bengal. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

How to Reach Bagdogra?

Before we give you the complete information about the places to visit in Bagdogra, let’s see how one can reach here.

How to reach Bagdogra via Air?

Bagdogra Airport completely runs for both domestic as well as international flights. The visitors can advantageously take trips to reach here from a portion of the significant urban areas of India, for example, Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Bangkok and Paro are legitimately associated with an air to Bagdogra. Visitors can hire a taxi or shuttle from the airport to arrive at the town of Bagdogra. 

Closest Airport :Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri

Step by step instructions to reach Bagdogra by Rail 

The closest railway to this town is Jalpaiguri station, which is a significant railroad intersection and is associated with the principle urban areas of India through rail. Some frequent trains are accessible from significant urban areas of India to Jalpaiguri railroad station, from where vacationers can take a transport or taxi to reach Bagdogra. 

Instructions to reach Bagdogra by Road 

Various bus services are accessible from different urban cities of North-East India and the Northern District of West Bengal to arrive at this town. Private travel organizations additionally give tour packages from Bagdogra to Darjeeling (90km), Gangtok (140 km), Siliguri (14 km), and Kalimpong (79 km). It is associated with all the significant urban cities through the national highway.

List of Major Attractions to Visit in Bagdogra

1. The Coronation Bridge

The Coronation Bridge is also called as Sevoke Coronation Bridge; it was worked in 1930 over the Teesta River at the combining point of Teesta River and Rangeet River. The bridge is exceptionally near the Sevokeswari Kali Mandir in Siliguri, and the construct is in the British building style. Indeed, this is one of the best places to visit in Bagdogra.

Location:-The Coronation Bridge has situated around 37 km from Bagdogra and is situated towards the best approach to Doors and Kalimpong/Gangtok on National Highway 31.

Things to do here:- Adventure addicts will be found boating in the stream to appreciate an alternate perspective on this building wonder while local people visit it to get some reprieve from the buzz of city life.

2. The Science City 

Science City or The North Bengal Science Center is a very notable foundation of Siliguri. It has a Nature Interpretation Center and a planetarium that grandstands the common variety of the locale. 

Location:-Arranged at Matigara towards the northern side of Siliguri, the Science City is around 20 km from Bagdogra

Famous for:- There are various kinds of cosmic shows being appeared in the planetarium. The Science City is the ideal spot for instructive visits. 

3. Surya Sen Park 

An eco-accommodating spot for all sorts of diversion and fun alongside mindfulness about elective vitality sources, the recreation center offers a display on elective sources. 

Best known for:-It additionally has a bust of political dissident Surya Sen introduced in here and offers a wide scope of offices for youngsters. Around evening time, the recreation center is beautified with hued lights everywhere throughout the recreation center. 

Location: –A famous excursion spot for local people, Surya Sen Park, is situated at Mahakal Pally in Siliguri, around 16 km from Bagdogra.

4. Madhuban Park 

Madhuban Park was set up by the Indian Army. The recreation center is an extremely mainstream outing spot just as a place of interest. Truly, the place is going to be a fantastic option among the places to visit in Bagdogra.

Location:- It is arranged around 24 km from Bagdogra, in the region of Siliguri.

Famous for: –The spot is the home to different creatures like deer, peacocks, and hares. Besides, wide assortments of butterflies can likewise be found here.

5. Umrao Singh Boat Club 

Situated at Sukna in Siliguri, the Umrao Singh Boat Club is under the upkeep of the Indian Army. The club offers a wide scope of offices for drifting and another type of delights. 

Pontoons of various shapes and sizes are accessible. Both motors fitted and accelerated pontoons are accessible in the club. Visitors can likewise settle on authentic aides, and the club has a lot of tea manors all around.

Time to Visit:- 8 AM – 5 PM

Best SeasonSeason to visit:- October to March

The maximum time for Sightseeing:- 1-2 hours

Entry fee:- Free of cost

5. Neora Valley Park 

Neora Valley National Park is one of the most extravagant natural zones in the whole Northeast. The place where there is exquisite Red Panda in the perfect undisturbed characteristic environment with rich assorted flora and fauna. Along with lopsided sloping landscape together make the recreation center a significant wild zone. 

Location:-Arranged in the Kalimpong subdivision under Darjeeling region

Famous for: –A fundamental piece of the Kanchenjunga Landscape, this is one of the most famous flying creatures watching national parks of Bengal. 

Best time to visit:- October to April ( Park remains closed for three months during monsoon)

6. Salugara Monastery 

Only a couple of km from Bagdogra, Salugara Monastery, is among the most frequented venerated places, situated in the edges of Siliguri. The Buddhist place of worship is a perfect peaceful area for reflection, set up by Tibetan priests and devotees of the strict pioneer, Dalai Lama. 

The peaceful and quiet condition around the religious community makes it an ideal spot for them to move away from the jam-packed city and revive themselves. Ideally, such places suit best for you to visit with family and is considered as peaceful places to visit in Bagdogra.

Famous for:-One of the featuring highlights of this religious community is the 100 ft stupa, which is accepted to be established by the Tibetan Lama, Kalu Rinpoche.

Best SeasonSeason to visit:- October to March

The maximum time for Sightseeing:- Around 1 hour

Entry fee:- Free of cost

7. Hong Kong Market 

Hong Kong Market is an acclaimed area in the township of Siliguri for purchasing outside products and global brands like array and contraptions. So, for shopaholics, the place is going to be a worthy one and among the top among the places to visit in Bagdogra.

Location:-Just 10 km from Bagdogra, this market is ideal for spending lavishly as individuals love to purchase keepsakes and present for their friends and family. 

Best known for –From garments to beautifying agents, electrical, to gadgets, bedsheets to covers, shoes to shoes-nearly everything is accessible in this market at a modest cost. As the costs are not fixed, guests can arrange and can anticipate the costs they need. 

Concluding Words

Hopefully, now your bucket list will be filled about the places to visit in Bagdogra. These amazing and magnificent places of Bagdogra will certainly make your excursion a memorable one!

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