Top 6 Haunted places in Ahmedabad

Top 6 Haunted places in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city rich in its cultural heritage, be it food, cotton, and textile industry or it’s flavourful food. There are a lot of sightseeing places which can be accommodated on this tour. Ahmedabad has so much to explore that it might take some time. The beautiful Gujrati culture with colourful clothes and delicious foods attract many tourists. Despite the mainstream city attractions, there are many unique attractions to be visited in this place. These horrific places are indeed a great thrill for adventures. What’s the fun of visiting a haunted site if it’s daylight? It is recommended to feel the ghostly presence only in the night time as the experience is ten folds better and spine chilling. 

Some haunted places in Ahmedabad are: 

  • Signature farms: The story of horrors are associated with this place due to abandoned statues that surround this place. The place has many statues of Buddha and horses. Mostly the statues are cut vertically from the centre. This place is believed to be chilling at night and crawling with ghosts. The place remains abandoned, with no houses nearby, no mobile networks, or people. It takes guts to enter this howling area at night. The place has a popular story associated with it. It is believed that a whole village was cruelly massacred here, on this land and since then the place is ghosted. There have been incidents that show paranormal presence here. 
  • GTU campus: The famous campus of the GTU has a reputation to proceed by; hence the stories of horrors are discarded by the authorities here, but in fact, there are many who witnesses is the unspeakable events. Located in the core of Ahmedabad, the campus is said to turn into an adobe for ghosts as soon as the night falls upon it. The campus becomes quite and horrifying. There is said to be a case where the liftman suffered from severe shock after he claimed he saw a ghost lady. The incident had a great impact on his health. The university claimed him to be mentally unstable and discarded his accusations. Even the students have sometimes experienced a heavy force moving over them. There have been incidents of doors opening and closing on their own. Some students have also reported incidents of furniture being thrown to the ground. It is a must-visit to find out how much of these stories are true. 
  • Haunted tree in Chandkheda: The place is a busy one. There is a continuous crowd with bustling passerby and vehicles on the adjacent road. The tree in Chandkheda is huge and magnificent. Even it’s shadowed at night are so dark and horrifying enough to strike a nerve of fear in the individual. It is one of the scariest places in Ahmedabad at night. The tree is said to have ghostly possession. Anyone who crosses it during night undergoes ungrateful series of events. The paranormal presence has been felt by many individuals near this tree.
  • Ahmedabad- Rajkot Road: The NH- 47 has many ungrateful events attached to it. The highway is a connecting highway between Ahmedabad and Rajkot. It is located near a small village. However, travelling through this road at night hours is not at all safe. This road has experienced many mishappenings and accidents—some of the accidents severe enough to lead to death. The drivers, while driving through this road, have heard some weird horrifying sounds distracting them from driving. The focus of drivers has also been affected by the mysterious presence of women or beggars in front of the vehicle. Accidents happen very frequently here, indicating some paranormal presence. 
  • A flat on Sola road: There is a flat on Sola road, which has been abandoned and left alone due to mysterious sounds coming from the house. The house was owned by a man who renovated the house to live there later, but after transferring to the house, it becomes hard to stay there due to the loud cries of a woman in torment and pain. No one lives in that house anymore.
  • Sindhrot village: The check Dam is located in this village. This village is a beautiful place for visitors. Many people have felt the paranormal presence here. There is believed to be a woman with a half-burnt place here. The women ask people to the area and stare at them. She also makes a loud shrieking noise-making people run away due to fear. Many people have experienced this incident. At night the place turns into a more horrific situation. The women are seen in salwar kameez staring dead at the person in the eyes.

The fear and horrors of this city never seize to exist. They are so striking that they struck people sometimes that they lose consciousness for a while. For a thrill, this place is a great place.

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