Places to Visit in Penang

Top Fascinating Places to Visit in Penang – Brief Travel Guide

Penang is one of the most popular spots in Malaysia and light of good reasons. A large portion of the territory of Penang is situated on an island, and as such, you can appreciate seashores, shining waters, and a laid back island feels combined with major city experience. This piece of Malaysia is likewise known for its food, and any individual who wants to eat will really locate culinary heaven here, a lot of which is down to the blend of impacts in the city. 

Penang appreciates a huge Chinese and Tamil people group, alongside the indigenous Malay inhabitants, and you will locate an incredible and differing food scene that incorporates red hot curries, toothsome noodles, and plenty of road food delights. The entirety of this is enclosed by dazzling engineering, and the conventional focus of Penang is a UNESCO World Legacy Site in its own right. Let’s investigate the best places to visit in Penang.

How Can You Reach Penang?

Before discussing the delightful spots or places to visit in Penang, let’s first see how can you reach Penang through different mediums:

The most effective method to Reach Penang from India:

Malaysia Aircrafts, Singapore Carriers, Malindo Air, Air India, Stream Aviation routes, Cathay Pacific, are the aircraft bearers from Indian urban areas that will get you to Penang’s air terminal. 

Instructions to reach Penang by Flight:

A few flights land and take off at Penang International Airport. AirAsia, Malaysia Aircrafts, and FireFly are a portion of their generally normal and increasingly famous bearers. You would then be able to get to your lodging by leasing a vehicle or a taxi.

Reach Penang by Road:

You can lease a vehicle to get you to Penang, most prominently from Kuala Lumpur. Rental organizations are effectively accessible at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The street that takes you from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is in acceptable condition, luckily. You can take the North-South Interstate to get to Penang rapidly. 

Instructions to reach Penang via Train :

You can get to Penang from Kuala Lumpur through the train. The administrations are run and overseen by KeretapiTanehMelayuBerhad. Trains leave from Kuala Lumpur in the mornings and the early evenings, and it takes around 6 hours to reach Penang. You should get down at Butterworth Station and afterward take a ship to Penang Island. 

Reach Penang by Bus:

Buses travel to Penang from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, and Bangkok. From Kuala Lumpur, you can board the bus at Puduraya Bus stop. There are likewise minibusses that give an immediate course to Penang. However, they are more costly than customary transports. 

Reach Penang by Waterways:

There is an interfacing ship near Butterworth Rail Station that will get you to Penang Island when you get off the train.

First-class vacation destinations in Penang 

Places to Visit in Penang

1. Tour the Tropical Space Garden

One of the features of Penang, particularly if you need to escape the focal regions, is the Tropical Zest Nursery situated on JalanTelukBahang. The nursery is a tribute to all the dazzling herbs and flavors that are indigenous to this piece of the world. This place is among the best places to visit in Penang.

Top attractions: This is an astonishing place to visit in Penang interested in Malay flora and fauna, and you can even take a cookery class here to figure out how these herbs and flavors are utilized to make exemplary dishes delighted in across Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

2. Become familiar with some history at Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis is one of the most well-known sights in Penang and dates from the eighteenth century. 

It was worked by the English East India Organization under the course of Sir Francis Light, who was the author of Penang and was intended to safeguard the city. The fort is still in acceptable condition.

Top attractions: You can see a celebrated sculpture of Francis Light that remains at the passage to the fortress.

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 10 PM

3. Visit KekLokSikTemple

Kek Lok Si Temple is popular for being one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, and as such, you should make a point not to miss it if you are planning to visit the best places to visit in Penang. 

The sculpture is developed looking like the Goddess of Benevolence and stands at a tallness of 36.5 meters, and the whole sanctuary complex is worked in a scope of styles.

Top attractions: Numerous Buddhist enthusiasts believe this to be a significant journey site, and you can recognize the excellent transcending Kek Lok Si Pagoda just as the sculpture of Guanyin. 

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

4. Sunbathe on Batu Ferringhi Seashore 

Anybody coming to Penang looking for some sun and sand should advance toward Batu Ferringhi, which is known for being a standout amongst other seashore territories on the island. 

So, if you can, try to come here to watch the stunning sunsets and getting a beautiful experience while exploring the places to visit in Penang.

Top attractions: Here, you will locate a long piece of the brilliant seashore, some portion of which is open and some of which is utilized by the hotels that line the coast. 

Opening Hours: Night markets open at around 5 PM and ends about 11 PM

5. Have evening tea at Suffolk House 

Suffolk House offers a brief look at customary English colonial architecture in Penang and sits in the picturesque piece of the island known, rather alarmingly, as Air Itam or Dark Water. 

Top attractions: The house would have been the previous home of Sir Francis Light, who is recognized as the official founder of Penang even though it fell into dilapidation following his demise and was shut to people in general. 

Opening Hours:10 AM – 11 PM

6. Visit KhooKongsi

KhooKongsi is another of Penang’s most notable attractions and should be at you one of the top lists while looking for some amazing places to visit in Penang. 

These days it has been transformed into a museum, and you will discover exquisite architecture here just as rich stone carvings that have a substantial Chinese impact.

Top attractions: The house was worked in the nineteenth century and had various amazing mark highlights, for example, an enormous temple altar that is brightened with gold leaf and decorated with ancestral tablets.

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

Concluding Words

From this write-up, you can investigate truly old structures just as exhibition halls, strongholds, nurseries, and sanctuaries, and guests to Penang will absolutely not be shy of spots to visit and sights to look at out traveling here. So, gather your bag packs now and plan a magnificent trip, a solo outing, or family for getting some best places to visit in Penang.

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