Top Cafes in Kochi

Take a Look at the List of Top Cafes in Kochi

Whenever we plan a trip to have a good time, we put a lot on our bucket list. And, one of the most common is food. Many love the authentic cuisine of the place they visit. Today, people love to visit cafes more than restaurants. The reason is quite obvious. It serves more delicious food with an exotic presentation. Also, the attractive interior music and much more. There are endless amazing places to visit in Kochi. But apart from this, there are many good cafes in Kochi. So if you are someone planning a trip to Kochi then this guide may come in handy. In this travel guide, we’ll highlight some of the top cafes in Kochi for an amazing time. So, keep reading.

Kochi is a city packed with visitors from all over the world. It is one of the global hotspots for international tourists. As a result, its crowded cafes are a symbol of the city being a crucible of cultures. While there are many places to travel around Kochi. This is why the city acts as an outlet during your frenzied circus.

Here is a great selection of some of the main cafes where you can choose to sit and relax. One can visit this place with friends, colleagues, family, and others. So, let’s get started.

6 Top Cafes in Kochi to Experience Best Food (Continental & Traditional)

  1. Mocha Art Cafe – the Talk of the Town

The Mocha Art Cafe, which is the hottest cafe in the city today, is a visual wonder. It placed next to Paradesi Synagogue in Jew Town in Mattancherry. Walk more indoors to a beautiful and spacious outdoor seating area. The cafe also has ample interior space for large groups to sit in. It is one of the top cafes in Kochi. The lighting in the cafe is the highlight of its decoration.

What’s the Specialty? – The Café offers a variety of delicious foods that are perfect snacks to enjoy. Here, you will get everything from sweet to spicy at a very reasonable rate. The most cost for two people is Rs.700.

Working Hours and Ratings: – The Mocha Art cafe opened from 9:30 AM to 9 PM. Zomato ratings of this cafe is 4.8/5.

  1. The Extraordinary Kashi Art Café 

Kashi Art Café is another one of the top cafes in Kochi. This cafe has memories of many Malayalam Filmmakers. It is also considered a great place for hangout. With stunning interiors and vibrant colors, it is one of the best cafes. It will help you relax and have fun while eating good food. It is a favorite place for art lovers, famous for its art installations and exhibitions. This cafe hosts a month-long resident artist.

What’s the Specialty? – Kashi Art Café offers a variety of desserts that fill your mouth once you see it. The price is Rs.600 for two people.

Working Hours and Ratings: – You can visit this amazing cafe between 8:30 AM to 10 PM.

  1. Pepper House Café and Exciting Shopping

Pepper House Cafe is a special attraction for teenagers for quality food and time. Located close to the beach, it is an ideal place to enjoy food as well as the cool sea breeze at the lowest cost. This spacious and revamped venue houses a library and shop. Here, you can buy clothes, arts, and other handles.

What’s the Specialty? – The tasty menu is a bonus for dinner; one can end up spending several hours here. Most Rs.1000 for two people.

Working Hours and Ratings: – The Zomato ratings of this one of the top cafes in Kochi are 4.1/5. It opened between 9:30 AM to 7 AM.

  1. Bloomsbury’s for a Heartwarming Experience

This cafe is a dreamland for anyone to eat and sweeten your sweet tooth. It located inside the large Lulu Mall in Kochi and is an active lounge for families and couples. Boasting a simple wooden interior design makes it one of Edapally’s famous cafes. More famous for its variety in sweets, your taste buds will work as soon as you enter the place. 

What’s the Specialty? – The place has a stunning interior design. Also, it provides the perfect experience to enjoy your desserts.

Working Hours and Ratings: – The Zomato rating of this great cafe is 4.4/5 and you can visit between 11 AM to 11 PM.

  1. Cafe Papaya – Food, Fun and Live Performances

If you visit Kochi then you can’t miss this cafe which is also a favorite hangout for celebrities. Papaya Cafe also famous for its beautiful ambiance, library, and live performance! This place serves the scrumptious food. The excellent dishes are chicken fajita, crunchy chicken sandwich, and beef curry. It is one of the best cafes in Banambili Nagar.

What’s the Specialty? – This cafe comes to life at night. It also has a library with an interesting collection of books of various kinds.

Working Hours and Ratings: – The Zomato rating of this awesome cafe is 4.1/5 and you can chill here from 12 pm – 11 pm.

  1. Tonico’s Café for a Perfect Night

This cafe looks charming with its contemporary decor set in a glass. It offers a pleasant view of the streets outside to the visitors. This cafe is good for a midnight visit! It offers good coffee, steaks, and soothing music, perfect for a quiet night out. If you are visiting Kochi with friends or partners, you should visit this cafe with them.

What’s the Specialty? – Go inside and you greet with one of the most bizarre interiors, with exceptional decor.

Working Hours and Ratings: – The Zomato rating of this exemplary café is 4.3/5 and one can visit here from 11 am – 2 am.

Time to Conclude

In the travel guide above, we have listed some of the top cafes in Kochi. All the mentioned cafes are popular for excellent customer service and delicious dishes. Fresh meals here will get you back to these places over and over again.

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