spiritual places in the world

10 Most Spiritual Places in the World

Spirituality has been related to so many factors. Every place in the world has something which is of some spiritual value. It is said that the vibration and energy are the keys that decide whether a place is spiritual or not. Meanwhile, when we talk about traveling, every place seems spiritual as the whole process of traveling connects us to the roots of our core self and makes us value everything the mother nature has provided us. The overall world celebrates different cultures and religions. Religious places around the world are, therefore, an amalgamation of every religion, culture, and it’s people. Every place has it’s own belief system, it’s own spiritual stories, or it’s own importance.

10 most spiritual places in the world are enlisted below:

spiritual places in the world

  • Camino De Santiago: Spirit is run by the belief system. The belief regarding the Camino De Santiago located in Spain is associated with the journey and the path that is taken to reach the Santiago De Compostela. It is a proper hiking expedition that is very highly believed by Christians. It is a hiking journey that has to be completed. It is believed that Saint James is buried at the endpoint of this pilgrimage. It takes strength and courage to hike this place.


  • Varanasi: Varanasi is located in India. India is known as a spiritual and diverse land of culture and religion, but the state Varanasi has another dimension of spiritual belief system. The birth of religion Buddhism occurred here. The colorful city is also a famous religious spot for Hindus. The ghats of the holy river Ganga are present, which have great Importance among the Hindu religion. The city is known for its a spiritual understanding of life and death. This is the place where everything seems meaningful.


  • Cape ReingaThe famous spiritual place which is mostly surrounded by the belief system of the Maori people of New Zealand. The place is named as Cape Reinga because they believe that the spirits wear a cape and wander the land while to move to the afterlife. This place is very beautiful with the sea all across the place. A tall lighthouse is standing in the place, giving it a very calm and aesthetic look. Eating food is to be avoided here. It is asked to leave the place as it was.


  • Borobudur: The place is located in Indonesia between the dense woods. The place of Borobudur is on an island name as Java. The place is built with stones; the blocks of stones are believed to be two million. They are used to build up a great Buddhist believing Mandala. The mandala is in the center along whose sides the people climb and walk in a clockwise motion. It is believed that the center of the whole structure is a representation of Nirvana.


  • The Dead Sea: The sea known as the dead sea is located in Israel. The name of the dead city is so because it can sustain no life at all due to very high concentrations of salt in its water, making it unfit for drinking purposes. The air surrounding this place has a very high amount of oxygen. This place is famous for its healing abilities. It is believed that the water of this place can heal every disease. The water is high in the concentration of various minerals.


  • Angkor WatThe place is located in Cambodia. This place is historically rich and architecturally well studied and adored. The famous king Suryavarnum’s remains were kept there for protection. The temple was initially Hindu. Later the place became a Buddhist gathering place and turned into A Buddhist place of worship.


  • Sedona: The spiritual area has a historical background that runs towards the ancient native tribes of America. This place is also famously known as a cathedral with no walls. The place is located in Arizona near Grand Canyon. The place is believed to have various point of the spiritual vortex which have no definite source.


  • Machu PicchuThis placed is awed upon for it’s beautifully constructed and engineered structured, which has astronomical formations. The place is located in Peru. The Andes Mountains of Peru contains these mesmerizing temples and various shrines which were constructed way back in history in the 15th century by the Inca Empire.


  • Uluru: This place is located in Australia. This place is famous among the Indigenous crowd of America. It has been attached to various emotional and spiritual values of people living in that place. It is a sacred old giant sandstone that is worshipped by the people. It has also been declared the spiritual heritage by UNESCO. This place is crawling with many caves and paintings.


  • Sanctuary of Apollo: Located in Greece, Delphi, this sanctuary is 1500 B.C. back in history. This place was considered as the center of the Earth for a long time back in history. Many people consulted the place for important decisions in life. As a whole, this place is very beautiful and gasping.

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