Some Best Places to Visit in Bilaspur – Quick Guide

The second-largest city in Chhattisgarh – Bilaspur is one of the less-explored gems of India. Take our suggestion – if you are looking for an off-beat destination, Bilaspur is the place for you. Known as the “Rice Bowl of Chattisgarh” this city is famous for the production of aromatic Doobraj rice, handloom woven soft colourful Kosa silk saris, and excavated temples of the Kalchuri Dynasty. The festivals in Bilaspur are celebrated with great joy and religious sentiments. The festivals here are incredibly colourful, and their celebrations exude a sense of unity and feeling of brotherhood. There are many amazing places to visit in Bilaspur where you can experience the best of tradition, nature, and culture all together in one place – Bilaspur!

Bilaspur is located 118 km away from Raipur the capital of Chattisgarh. One can reach Bilaspur via train, cabs, buses easily as it is well connected with other parts of the state and the country. The nearest airport is the Raipur airport, also known as Swami Vivekanand Airport which is 134 km away from Bilaspur.

Best Time to Visit Bilaspur

Avoid visiting Bilaspur in summers as it gets extremely hot and exhausting where temperatures range between 30-45 degrees during March-June. This city experiences monsoon in July and August with moderate rainfall. Winter sets in with the start of October which lasts till March. The best season to visit Bilaspur is the winter season when the temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing and other pursuits. The best of nature can be enjoyed during winters in Bilaspur.

Top Places to Visit in Bilaspur – Let’s Explore

Here we have listed a few must-visit places in the city of Bilaspur for you. The less-explored city of Bilaspur has been a spiritual hub for our country and the world. If you are planning to go on a vacation to Bilaspur, do not miss the following places. Here is a list of 5 top places to visit in Bilaspur which capture the most vibrant colours of the city.

1. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary – Get away from the city noise!

With lush green Sal and Bamboo forests, be certain to get a mesmerizing view of the Maikal Range. This sanctuary serves as the best escape from the noisy and crowded cities. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a rich diversity in flora and fauna. This sanctuary was born as a result of the Wildlife Protection Act and was established in the year 1975. It is also a tiger reserve. For all those who want to see nature at its best, a visit to the Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. Get ready to see 600 species of medicinal plants, Sal, Bamboo Bloom and tiger, leopard, bison, flying squirrel, and many more.

Prime Attractions: Tigers, leopards, Sal, Bamboo Bloom, view of Maikal Range

How To Reach destination: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transportation from Bilaspur (60 km away)

2. Khuntaghat – Be ready for a bewitching experience!

Famous for the dam situated in Khuntaghat, this place has become a picnic spot for the localities and serves as a treat to the eyes of the tourists. One can’t afford to miss this place in Chattisgarh. The Khuntaghat Dam is located on the Kharung river and is used for the purpose of irrigation in nearby areas. The presence of thick green forests and bordering hills accompanied by cool refreshing air is yet another reason to visit this spectacular place. Gain an enriching experience with the excellent tourist services being offered by the authorities there. This place comes in the best places to visit in Bilaspur, where you can experience the beauty of nature.

What are the Prime Attractions: Khuntaghat Dam

How to Reach Destination: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transportation from Bilaspur (29 km away)

3. Talagaon – Get a glimpse of Indian Mythology!

For those who stay curious about Indian Mythology, Talagaon is the place. It is a small village on the banks of Maniyari River which is located 30 km away from Bilaspur City. After the excavation of the Deorani-Jethani Temple, which is more than 1500 years old, this village gained popularity. A statue of Rudrashiv resides in it which is in excellent condition till date. The statue is unique in itself. It is an assembly of various animals, snakes, and insects, along with many human faces designed on the different parts of the body. Carvings and statues on the temple walls depict the stories of Lord Shiva. 

What are the Prime Attractions: Deorani-Jethani Temple

How to Reach the destination: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transportation from Bilaspur (30 km away)

4. Malhar – One of the best archaeological sites

A town of archaeological importance – Malhar is located in the Bilaspur District and is one of the best places to visit in Bilaspur. The Archaeological department has set up a museum to display the artefacts excavated at Malhar. It is famous for the ruins of temples, dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries. Tourists can get a glimpse of the regime of the Kachuri Dynasty here and the deities they were fond of. The Didneshwari, Pataleshwar, and Dewar are the most popular temples excavated here. One can witness the beautiful black idol of Didneshwari Devi at the Didneshwari temple.

What are the Prime Attractions: Black Idol of Didneshwari Devi

How to Reach destination: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transportation from Bilaspur ( km away)

5. Ratanpur – Get to know about the Kalchuri Dynasty

Ratanpur was founded by King Ratnadev and was the capital of the Kalchuri Dynasty in 1000 AD. The Archaeological Survey of India has completed the restoration work of the Ratanpur Fort. The Mahamaya Temple built by King Ratandev has a dual idol of Goddesses Saraswati and Laxmi and is recognized as a Sidh Peeth. Witness the heritage of the Kalchuri dynasty and the excellent work done by the Archaeological Survey of India.

What are the Prime Attractions: Ruins of the Kalchuri Dynasty

How to Reach destination: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transportation from Bilaspur (25 km away)

Concluding Words

If you are looking forward to the best places to visit in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh these places would fill your entire trip with perfect memories. This city ensures to satiate your craving for visiting an off-beat location. Situated on the banks of the river Arpa, Bilaspur is a place you would not want to miss, for it has a lot to offer. From lush green surroundings to archaeological sites – a visit to Bilaspur will be an enriching experience without a doubt.

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