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Shimla Tourism: Best Of Shimla, India

Best Of Shimla

When we talk about hill stations, many places lure tourist attraction. One of the popular places in Shimla. It is a beautiful place covered in rich greenery, beautiful lakes and snow in winter. Anyone visiting there can have a wholesome experience of the refreshing outing. When we talk about Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the top-rated and most visited the place. The magical beauty of the place is surely an attraction for the tourists. This is the reason why Shimla is entitled as the ” Queen of Hill Stations”. One of the reasons contributing to its beauty is the construction of buildings that reflect the British times. Indian Tourism is incomplete without a visit to this mesmerizing location.

Some of the must-visit places located in Shimla are as follows:

  1. The Ridge: The visit to Shimla is usually marked by the visit to this place called the Ridge which is practically just an open area in the center of Shimla surrounded by the mall. The place is famous for its beautiful view of the hills as well as alluring sunset views. Most people come here to enjoy the vibes, take beautiful pictures and admire the British construction over here. The place is a huge landscape that extends from east to west in a widespread land. It is one of the best places for nature lovers. There is a church present which is another attraction. Near the Ridge is a beautiful market for wooden artifacts. This whole place is very popular among tourists as a shopping destination.
  • Mall Road: The mall road is located in Shimla nearby the Ridge and is one of the most visited and most alluring places. As the name suggests Mall Road is nothing but a street full of worthwhile experience from the whole city, all at once. the road is filled with shops of different kinds that are a tourist attraction, the place is also famous for its beautiful views. It is also a place to give your taste-buds a brand new experience of exotic cuisines. The beauty of this place increases in the evening when the place is all bright with lights. This place has no vehicle allowance making it much more smoothly wander-able for the tourists as well as localities. The attractions of the mall road are plenty but one of the most recognized ones is the wooden furniture and artifacts with antique designs.
  • Kalka Toy Train: This is a sightseeing place which is a major attraction in Shimla. During British times, the construction of this beautiful place took place. The toy train is a travelers companion in looking out for beautiful places among the hills and green valleys. The beautiful pine trees and the grooves are visible from the train route. Special services have been provided to the travelers of this train and therefore it is a must-visit.
  • Christ Church: The beauty of any place begins from its heritage, it’s architecture and it’s well-developed structures. Shimla was earlier, the capital of British rulers for the Summer period. This place has lots of architecture similarities from the colonial period even now. The Christ Church is one of them. The history of this church is quite interesting as it took 11 long years in construction. Tourists are attracted to the Church due to its alluring view especially at night when the church looks like a beautiful castle glimmering with shine and lights. Despite so much of crowd outside the church, the church itself remains peaceful and calm. This place is also popular due to its presence in many loved movies of Bollywood like 3 idiots.
  • Himachal State Museum: Museums are important places that put forward the history of a place. This museum is present in Shimla on the mall road. The heritage of Shimla can be captured via the collection of paintings, coins, crafts and other antiques that are been placed in the museum. The famous part is Pahari painting and art collection in the museum. Art and history students and enthusiasts visit here commonly. There is a section in the museum known as the dollhouse which attracts the tourists by its a beautiful collection of Dolls. Some of the things and stone images of colonial time are also present there.
  • Kufri: Kufri is at a higher altitude and hence colder than the center of Shimla. This place provides a beautiful atmosphere for a trip. The major attraction here is f honeymoon couples. Snowfall is beautiful in this region and can be an exquisite experience. Various fun-filled activities are also available here such as ice skiing. Trekking is a part of the routine in Kufri. It is a free place with majestic views of nature and hills.
  • Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary: For all the lovers of nature and wildlife this place is like a big threat. The place is a protective atmosphere for wildlife such as jackals, deers, monkeys, etc. This place is best suited for picnics. Trekking is also allowed in this region. The night sky speaks a lot but staying the late night is not allowed. The total time required to go all about the place is 4-5 hours. A botanist from various places come here for various reasons.
  • Scandal Point: Located near the intersections of famous Mall Road and The Ridge, it is hard to miss the place. One of the reasons to be lured to this amazing place is its intriguing name and history associated. One of our popular freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue is placed here. Scandal Point is the perfect location to have a hilly scenic view while having hot coffee and Maggie while chit-chatting with friends and family. The aura is so positive it can reflect on everyone’s behavior. The hill covered in greenery is alluring.
  • Green Valley: Green valley in Shimla is one of the undeveloped tourist places and in spite of this fact it remains a major tourist spot. Its beauty is undeniably attractive. On the way to Kufri, the green valley lies in the way and it forces tourists to stop by some amazing view and soothing time. The valley is covered with green trees of pines and deodar. The valley is also popularly seen in many Bollywood movies. The valley turns out as a perfect location for visitors to click pictures of nature as well as themselves.
  1. Annandale: This place is located nearby the ridge and remains a major tourist attraction. Annandale is a landscape area used by British rulers to conduct various sports. Some of the popular sports conducted there were golf, cricket, and running activities. Later on, this place was converted solely into a golf course. The place also has a helipad area. Annandale is good for the sport. Along with this, the place also has an army museum which is a must-visit. The cost of entry is minimum. There are many gardens nearby surrounding the place worth a visit. A famous cactus garden is also a visitor attraction.

Top markets to visit in Shimla:

Shimla has much more to offer to tourists than its heavenly atmosphere, nature, valleys, and lakes. The markets of Shimla have some nicely knit woolen products, wooden artifacts, handicrafts, dry fruits and do on. Markets in Shimla are always busy and glimmering with shine and glitter. The night time view of these Markets is all the more beautiful.

  1. Mall Road: Mall road is a Shopping hub. The place is lined up with numerous shops and cafes. Almost every type of product can be found in this market. Shimla has major commercial importance as it is a hub for a woolen souvenir, Pashmina shawl exclusively famous of this place, handmade embroidery, and other woolen stuff. Dry fruits are also popular among this place.

The market can be a tiring space, therefore, thirst-quenching drinks and delicious food helps in relieving this tiredness. There are many popular cafés in this place.

For peace of mind, one can go and visit the Church present on the Mall road.

  • Lakkar Bazaar: As the name suggests the Kakkar bazaar is famous for its wooden products. A wide variety of products are available here including keychains, decorative items, flower pots, idols of God, etc. The place is one of the best for dry fruits. Lakkar Bazaar is a magnificent collection of all kinds of wooden stuff. Tourists are attracted to this place because of its beautiful collection. Beautiful Gift items can also be selected and purchased from here.
  • Lower bazaar: Lower bazaar is popular for its rarely found herbs and medicines. Lower bazaar has many lanes that have a variety of products that are unique to the place. Some such things are earthen pots in beautiful colors and variety, wooden products and dry fruits. Shimla is a hilly area and mostly remains cold hence shawls, gloves, sweaters, etc are also important products that are sold here. The market is divided into numerous streets and is huge.
  • The Tibetan market: As the name suggests the market is popular for its Tibetan products that include accessories, boots, coats etc. The market is also a perfect destination for bargain lovers. The products are usually of good quality. This market is also good for Tibetan scarfs, rugs, carpets, gloves, etc. The market is bright and colorful in appearance and it is very attractive for the tourists.
  • Ram Bazaar: It is a low-key place. A small market with really fresh products. Food is a specialty of this market. There are numerous shops ranging from artifacts, clothes, accessories to dry fruits. Ram bazaar is also an ideal place for bargaining. The market is not a very lavish place but perfect for shopaholics.

Best time to visit Shimla:

Shimla the beautiful city also called popularly as the Queen of hills is in most pleasant temperature to roam around in the daytime during the summers. The temperature is soothing and ideal for a visit. Families go around the place at this time.

For enjoying the snow and snow-related activities such as trekking, skiing and snow games, the best time is winters. The snowfall begins in the late months of December and January when the temperature falls down. The weather is very cold.

For honeymooners, the peak months of March to June are best. The place is crowded with the love birds and hence all the hotels are crowded. Previous bookings need to be done in order to enjoy a hassle-free trip to Shimla.

Popular places nearby Shimla:

  • Tattapani: Tattapani is a beautiful place located just 60 km away from the main city of Shimla. It can be easily visited by a one hour drive. This place is most popular for its hot Sulphur spring. The Sulphur Springs is popular for its healing properties and is visited by many people to be cured of health ailments such as joint pain and skin diseases.
  • Shiva Caves: From the archaeological point of view, it is a beautiful rocky cave located 3 km away from the main city. Shiva caves are a must-visit suggested by the locals over there. The caves have mythological importance and are popular among people for its tales of miracles and wonders that have been experienced there.
  • Chail: Chail was the palace of the king of Patiala. This place, therefore, has the major attraction of this fort. Chail is the place of the cricket ground and golf course at a high location. The cricket ground is a specialty here. The place is situated in the wonderful lands of pine and deodar. The trees surround the place giving it a green vibe.
  • Naldehra: It is one of the majestic places if looking for a calm and peaceful get-away. This place is full of natural beauty and calmness. The distance of this hilltop is just 22 km from Shimla. This place is extremely beautiful in its atmosphere and views. A perfect place to play golf and have a horse ride. Naldehra was discovered in the 21st century’s beginning only.
  • Theog: This place is a nice calm place for a getaway from pollution, traffic, and hustle-bustle around the town. Shimla is a very hectic place that stays crowded by tourists all the time. To get a fresh calm atmosphere Theog is a great place covered in soothing hills and greenery.  

Hotels in Shimla:

  1. Hotel Willow Banks: Hotel willow banks is one of the best hotels to stay when visiting Shimla. The hotel needs pre-booking mostly because it’s always crowded. The hotel has many great facilities like a hot bath, fitness complex, great rooms, neat and tidy floors, bar and lounge and WiFi services.
  • Hotel Marina: The hotel has good ratings if 4. It’s a great place to stay if you are planning a visit to Shimla. It is a pocket-friendly hotel with all the great facilities such as parking slots, non- smoking rooms, nice room service, warm blankets, bathrobes, built-in cafeteria facilities in the hotel.
  • Treebo trend Maharaja: Treebo trend hotels are one of the pocket-friendly locations to stay in Shimla. All the facilities are available here with beautiful clean rooms and housekeeping. Wifi is also available. Free breakfast is included which is a perk at such low prices.
  • The Oberoi Cecil: The hotels with a verified certificate of service of excellence. The ratings are 5. A hotel is an amazing place but a bit costly in the pocket. The hotel has all the necessary services and all the lavish facilities to lure tourists who can afford it.
  • Marigold Sarovar portico: The ratings of this place is pretty impressive. The hotel has free WiFi service, housekeeping facilities, and great food. Rooms are spacious have a beautiful aura. It includes free breakfast. Different packages are available. The hotel is also pocket-friendly.


Shimla is one of the best places to visit to escape the scorching heat of summer. Hill station of Shimla is alluring with its beautiful greenery and in winters it’s snowfall. The mountains attract heavy tourism here. The sightseeing is just a small part if the mesmerizing Atmosphere of this place. There are lots of options for fun-filled activities, skiing, popular markets and some creative products.

Shimla sure is a breathtaking place for a refreshing getaway. A place of calm and joy. Shimla is a must in the bucket list of every individual who loves mountains, cold weather, greenery, snow, and refreshment.

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