Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Prominent for its strawberries, mulberries, and cherry-sized tomatoes, Mahabaleshwar is also known as the ‘summer capital of Maharashtra’, is well known for its picturesque hill stations and immensely beautiful waterfalls and rivers. It is a perfect place to catch a break from the daily hectic routine. Starting from a number of lakes and rivers to green dense forests and some ancient temples will definitely bring your mind at peace as you fall in love with the scenic beauty of nature that Mahabaleshwar has to offer.

Situated south to Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a small town in the Satara district of Maharashtra. it is a hill station located in the Western Ghats range of the state.

There are numerous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar that will lift up your mood and provide you with a memorable trip with your friends and family. Listed below are all the places you can and should visit once you come to this lovely town.

  •  Lingmala waterfalls

At an altitude of 1438 metre, the Lingmala waterfall is formed by the Vienna river, situated in Panchgani. It is located 6 kms ahead of Mahabaleshwar on the Mahabaleshwar- Pune road. It is known for its scenic beauty, with a major and minor waterfall, covered with dense forests around. It is a breathtaking view of all the tourists, especially for nature lovers and photographers.

  • Dhobi waterfalls

The famous Dhobi waterfall gets its name for once being a prominent site of washing clothes for the locals. It is located 3 Kms from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand on the old petite road of the town. Satara railway station is the nearest to this point. Bus and other taxi services are easily available over here. It provides a fascinating view of the Elphinstone point. It also provides an amazing sight as the waterfall drops down into the valley which later joins the Konya river. The waterfall is heavily surrounded by thick tall evergreen trees and basalt rocks that provide the tourists with a breathtaking view.

  • China man’s waterfalls

This waterfall is named so because of being discovered by a Chinese person during the ancient period. This another most visited place in Mahabaleshwar has situated 2.5 km from the town and towards the south of Koyana valley at the Tapola road. The waterfall gushes down from an altitude of 500 metres and then merges into a stream. It is well- known for its panoramic scenery, skillfully carried out layout and exceptional architectural value.

  • Bhilar waterfalls

Situated 16.2 kms from the town, the Bhilar waterfalls is located at the Panchgani- Mahabaleshwar road. It is a relatively less-visited place in town, as it only comes into form during the monsoon season. A waterfall that originates from the Kundalika river and cascades down from a 350-metre height, this is a place of witnessing pure natural beauty as it is completely encircled by rich flora.

  • Vajra waterfalls

A three-tier waterfall, near the Kas flower valley, Vajrai waterfall is one of the most extraordinary waterfalls in the state of Maharashtra. It originates from the Urmodi river and falls down from an altitude of 560 metres. It is considered as the second-highest plunge waterfalls in India and has deep ponds at its base, which is why swimming is strictly prohibited in the area. The lush green surroundings and serene nature of the area provide peace of mind to the people. It is situated 41.1 km from the town at the Kas- Banmoli road.

  • Elphinstone’s point

This is one of the most famous and most visited places in Mahabaleshwar. It is also called the Needle- Hole point as a natural rock formation with a hole in the middle can be seen. The overhanging cliffs look very similar to that of an Elephant’s head and its trunk which is why it is also known as the Elephant’s head point or the Elphinstone point. It is situated 7 Kms from the Mahabaleshwar bus point. It is a famous vantage point which is closely located to Kate’s point.

  • Kate’s point

Just next to the Elephant’s head point, Kate’s point is also located 7 Kms from the Mahabaleshwar bus point. It is named after the daughter of Sir John Malcolm who was a British governor. However, the original name of this point is Nake Khind as per the locals of the area. It is situated at a height of 1290 metre and provides a fascinating view of peaks of Mandardeo, Pandavgadh, Kamalgadh and Dhom dam.

  • Wilson point

2 Kms away from the town of Mahabaleshwar, Wilson point is one of the best places known for its scenic beauty of sunrise and sunsets that can be seen from the 3 watching points at this place. It is a wide plateau and is considered to be a hub for photographers.

  • Arthur’s seat

Also known as the queen of all points, Arthur’s seat is a famous suicide point in Mahabaleshwar which offers the tourists with the surreal beauty of the dense and lush green valleys of Savitri river and Brahma- Arayana river. It is located 8 Kms ahead of the town.

  • Helen’s point

Another name of this point is a Blue valley as the river Krishna flows at the centre of this valley. Located 2 kms from Mahabaleshwar, Helen’s point offers mesmerizing views of deep plunge valleys and beautiful waterfalls. Other famous points near the Blue valley are Gavalani point, North coat point and the robber’s cave. Cute little huts are seen scattered like small colourful pebbles on the ground when one looks at the panoramic scenery this point offers.

  • Lodwick point

This is another famous viewpoint situated 5 kms west of Mahabaleshwar. It has a huge statue of Lord Lodwick from where it derives its name. This place provides a view of the most famous Pratapgarh Fort and Elphinstone’s point. 

  • Babington point

Very close to the marketplace of Mahabaleshwar, the Babington point is situated just 1 Km away from the town. It is a point located at an altitude of 1200 metre that offers a scenic view of the Solshi and Konya valleys. The famous China man’s waterfall is also visible from this point. It is a favourite spot for all the photographers and nature enthusiasts.

  • Bombay point

Adjacent to the Mumbai – Goa highway, Bombay point is located 2 kms from Mahabaleshwar. An ideal picnic spot for travellers, this point is prominent for the sunset view it provides. It is a halt to relax and click some amazing pictures of the sunset and nearby hills that are densely vegetated with evergreen forests.

  • Tableland

16 Kms away from the town, Tableland is a mountain plateau which is considered to be the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. Located at a 4500-metre high level, this point basically offers horse riding and a view of entire land across the plateau. It is also known to be the second-largest plateau of the Asian continent. It is made up of laterite rocks.

  • Marjori point

This point is known for offering an excellent view of the Konkan valley and the Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western ghats range. The Marjori point is situated 6 km away from Mahabaleshwar and is a famous sightseeing point. A favourite spot for all the trekkers and photographers, it is a treat to the eye as one catches the beauty of nature in its purest forms.

  • Panchgani

A closely situated hill station next to Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is also located in the Satara district of Maharashtra at an elevation of 1293 metre. Five hills of the Sahyadri mountain range encircles this hill station due to which it is known as Panchgani ( ‘panch’ means ‘five’). it is well known for its surreal beauty of Parsi houses located nearby along with extraordinary British colonial architecture. The famous land is also situated in Panchgani. 

  • Mahabaleshwar temple

It is an ancient Hindu temple situated at a distance of 6 Kms from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. It is famous for its 500-year-old Shivalinga, which is said to be self- originated, and superior to the 12 Jyothi Lingams. Other than this, it is also prominent for the Hemadant style of architecture originating from South Indian architectural styles. It was built in the sixteenth century by Chandarao More.

  • Vienna lake

Constructed by the Raja of Satara in 1942- Shri Appasaheb Maharaja, Venna lake is one of the most famous tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar. Boat riding and horse riding next to the lake are some of the activities offered at this place. It is 2 km away from the centre of the town. Easy transportation s available to reach this spot such as buses and taxis. The very famous marketplace of Mahabaleshwar is at close proximity from Vienna lake.

  • Tapola

Also known as the ‘min Kashmir of the west’, Tapola is 16 km away from Mahabaleshwar, but the drive is a beautiful experience for its picturesque sights and amazing weather it offers specifically during the monsoon season. Tapola is also the base village for the very famous forest trek of the Vasota Fort. It is surrounded by the Koyna dam and dense forests of the Sahyadri mountain range. The lake Shivsagar is, however, the major tourist attraction at this place.

  • Pratapgarh Fort  

Built by the famous Maratha Emperor – Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1656, this fort is situated at an elevation of 3500 feet from ground level. It is at a distance of 41 km from the town of Mahabaleshwar. It consists of a Mahadev temple in the upper fort region, and a Goddess Bhavani temple situated in the lower fort region. For its abundant scenic beauty and heritage for the history lovers, it is a must-visit place for everyone.

  • Connaught peak

For a good hiking experience, Connaught peak is the best place for trekkers. The second highest peak in Mahabaleshwar gives an amazing view of the river Krishna and Venna lake. Since the Duke of Connaught was completely taken away by the scenic beauty of this place, this peak was named after him.

  • Tigers Spring

Located 3 km away from Mahabaleshwar, it is a natural thermal spring near the Savitri river. This place is in close proximity to Arthur’s Seat and the shallow waters are believed to have healing spiritual powers. It is a place to relax your mind and observe the serene aura of the place.

  • Krishnabai Temple

Situated in old Mahabaleshwar, the temple is 5 km from the town. Built by the Ratnagiri Emperor of the nineteenth century, this temple is situated at a hilltop purely dedicated to the Goddess Krishnabai along with a Shivalinga situated next to it. The Krishnabai temple is also believed to be the source of river has some outstanding stone-carved ceilings and corridors. A small stream of river flows through a cow faced faucet that falls into a water tank or kund. The temple offers a pretty view of the Krishna valley. 

  • Panch Ganga Temple

Located at the con-flux of five rivers- Savitri, Koyna, Krishna, Veena and Gayatri, this temple was constructed in the eighteenth century by a Yadava King – Singhandeo. It is an ancient temple well known for its architectural aspects and believed to be the originating point of the five rivers.

  • Mapro garden

Located in the Gureghar village of Panchgani, Mapro garden is a famous tourist attraction. It is a garden which is maintained by a food processing company- Mapro (a small-term used for Mahabaleshwar Products). it is very famous for manufacturing fruit-based products. The Mapro garden is not just a garden of fruit plants but also comprises of a chocolate factory, nursery, restaurant and cafes along with a small outlet for tourists to purchase some delicious Mapro products.

  • Roman catholic church

Built-in the British era, the church was made for the Britishers who settled down in India. It is an eighteenth-century built Catholic church which is known for its remarkably painted windows and pleasant colonial architecture.

This city is undoubtedly a hidden gem and a treat for all nature lovers. A refreshing aura that Mahabaleshwar has to offer, cannot be missed. A perfectly balanced place of adventure and peace makes it suitable for people of all age groups to enjoy their stay in this little but beautiful town of Mahabaleshwar.   

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