places to visit in kochi

Places to visit in Kochi, Kerala


India is a country that it is always pinned on the map of the world for its rich culture and nature. The tropical country of India is famous for every kind of weather worldwide. When talking about Kerala, it has to keep in mind that this state alone is an epicenter of beauty and calm. The tourists are lured to this place from all over the world. The charm is in its greenery, seaside’s as well as religious places.

Kochi earlier known as Cochin is itself a place that contains all the beauty of Kerala in a single place. There are so many places to visit here that it can leave you absolutely amazed and perplexed. The beauty of Kochi is like a bag pack full of all the desires a traveler can have to fulfill. It’s a complete Package to visit.

places to visit in kochi
places to visit in Kochi

Places to visit in Kochi, Kerala:

Kochi in itself is like filled with beautiful places up to the brim. the list of places can go up to 40 – 50 destinations long. Here’s a list of some of the absolutely astounding and breathtaking places that must be visited in Kochi.


  1. Mattancherry Palace: Mattancherry Palace is now a museum. Earlier this palace was a Portuguese palace. The palace was also known as the Dutch palace among the common people. The palace is built in a beautiful Kerala style. The palace was turned into a museum later to showcase the history and valor of various kings that used to rule the Palace of Mattancherry.


  1. Jewish Synagogue: Synagogues are places of worship for Jews. In Kochi, the Jew Synagogue shares its walls with the Mattancherry Palace. It is one of the oldest Synagogue in the history of the Nation. It is present in the part of Kochi where the Jews live. It is built extremely Beautifully with Chinese tiles, beautiful chandeliers, and so many old yet classy decorations. This synagogue is also called as Pardeshi synagogue as it was built by the Jews who spoke Spanish.


  1. Chinese Fishing Nets: This is one of the most famous attractions in the tourist. It is a tourist hotspot not just in Kochi but in Kerala overall. The number of people visiting here is high every day. The place is installed with fishnets which work in a very peculiar manner. The place is also famous for its beautiful appearance that’s why many photographers visit this place. The photos look amazing with the dark backdrop. This place is located next to the Kerala Fort.


  1. Willingdon Island: If you are attracted by water and beaches, what’s better than an island. This is a man-made island in Kochi which is named after the former British Viceroy on India Willingdon. This island also acts as the southern naval command headquarters of India. There are many lavish hotels. Life here is connected to the land and everything is abundantly available. There is a link between the city of Kochi and the island via a bridge.


  1. Veeranpunzha Lake: The beautiful lake located in Kochi which is also known as blackwaters due to the dark color of its water. The lake is extremely serene. The sunset is so beautiful while watched from here. Any person who enjoys natural beauty and atmosphere will absolutely adore this place. This lake is located parallel to the Malabar coast. There are also a series of brackish lagoons.


  1. Mangalavanum Bird Sanctuary: The natural habitat of flora is preserved beautifully in this bird sanctuary. The Mangalavanum Bird Sanctuary is spread in a wide land of about 2.74 hectares. This land is full of beautiful and strong Mangroves standing in the shadow lake which is located inside the sanctuary. This place is a home for many birds migrating every year. The Blackwater lake is also connected to the shadow lake via a canal.


  1. Bolgatty Palace: The individuals who are visiting Kochi for their honeymoon should really look forward to this place which is located on Bolgatty Island. The Palace is of Dutch architecture which is a unique design and attracts many tourists. It has been renovated by creating a beautiful landscape around it. The greenery and the architecture itself are a perfect blend for a mesmerizing picture. This palace is filled with romantic vibes and soothing eerie.


  1. Marine Drive: Everyone loves a soothing walk around the seashore. The blackwaters look so mesmerizing from the marine drive. This place tops the list of places for a hangout for many people. Watching sunsets from here is a beautiful view. Overall the calm of the sea is gasping and breathtaking.


  1. Santa Cruz Basilica: The church of Santa Cruz Basilica is a very famous cathedral as it is one of the 8 most Basilicas in India. It is located in the Kochi Fort. The church is a very beautifully constructed roman cathedral. This place was built by the Portuguese. It was a place to store various types of ammunition in past times by the Dutch people. The Cathedral was destroyed later. The Cathedral was built again later in the year 1876 – 1905. This church is one of the most ancient Cathedrals in India.


  1. MG Road: A trip indeed seems incomplete without buying some things that are famous from the place. Mahatma Gandhi Road is the right place for shopping enthusiasts. This place has everything one can ask for. From food items to clothing and footwear, this market in Kochi is a full package. The place has beautiful handicrafts. It is also famous for its spices.


This is all about Places to visit in Kochi For any person looking forward to a vacation, this is the place that has it all. You don’t need to go to different places, all the beautiful experiences are compiled here in one beautiful city of Kochi.

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