Incredible Places to Visit in Kanpur

Some Incredible Places to Visit in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the largest cities in UP, India. This city is known for its urbanization; through the ages, Kanpur has been known for its leather and textile products which have high export value. When one gets to know the history of Kanpur, they would realize that it is one of the culturally rich cities of India. This city has seen both Mughal and Colonial rule, hence the cultural diversity. The Holy Ganges runs on the sides of the city.

This city has today more significance for business and culture. Starting with Cotton Mills, Leather and textile industry.

They enjoy various festivities and fairs across the year. Kanpur is known for numerous historical places like temples, natural parks and has a good amount of tourist attractions throughout the year. One gets to see the Scenic beauty.

Places to Visit in Kanpur

 Incredible Places to Visit in Kanpur

Places in Kanpur to visit offer a great variety of leisure activities for people of all age groups and is a must-visit for everyone. Here is a list of all the places to visit in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh –


 The Famous Sri Radha Madhav Mandir. A holy place to visit for couples and family. It is about 22km from Kanpur Airport. It is an internationally recognized and popular pilgrimage site for Lord Krishna devotees all across the globe. It is a beautifully decorated temple, especially during the festival of Krishna Janmashtami, which also makes it heavily crowded during this time.

Allen Zoo (Also known as the Kanpur Zoo)

 It’s among the new age Zoos which is created right within a forest. It’s situated near Nawabganj and spread over an area of approximately 76 hectares of land. This zoo is also considered to be one of the largest zoological parks of North India. It en-houses over 1400 species of animals including Orangutans, Tigers and spotted deer families.

Valmiki Ashram

 This is the Holy site where Ramayana was written by the great Saint Valmiki. This place has three temples surrounded by a pond. An auspicious site for Hindu religion. Situated on a hilltop in the Bithoor city, this ashram is also said t be the residence of Hindu goddess Sita, during her years in exile. It has a simple yet beautiful fort-like architecture that is surrounded by lush green gardens.

Moti Jheel

 It is one of the oldest places to visit in Kanpur. It was built during the colonial rule of the British in India. It has a Park along with a small pond. It is situated in the Benajhabar area of Kanpur. It has been constructed around a water reservoir. Thus follows a scenic beauty.

JK Temple

 One of the best places to visit. It houses five temples, built by the JK Family. Popularly known as “Radha Krishna Temple”. This place has a scenic beauty filled with small patches of gardens and ponds. It’s quite an accessible location from any part of the city.

Brahmavart Ghat

 As the name suggests, they are considered as one of the Holy Sites of India. It is located in Bithoor city. According to Hindu mythology, it is said to be the place from where Lord Brahma created Humanity. It is hence considered in high religious value.

 Places to visit in Kanpur for couples

Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary (Earlier known as Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary)

 This Bird sanctuary is situated in the Unnao district of UP. This site enjoys both scenic and natural beauty. Birds, both domestic and migratory birds reside here throughout the year. There is a secluded section for deer too.

Buddha Park

 A must-visit for Couples and Families. This place is a recreation and relaxation ground. Away from the city noise and pollution. This place has a serene sentiment attached. Children get to enjoy joy rides. Usually, weekends are tightly packed with people.

Nana Rao Park

 A popular flower, water-fountain and greenery park. It’s like nature’s retreat. It’s a recreated park post the 1857 massacre, where Nana Saheb-A Maratha ruler’s troops clashed with British troops. One can see figures of freedom warriors placed in the Park as a sign of tribute.

 Phool Bagh

 This Park is especially dedicated to Flowers, water fountains and memorials as a tribute to our freedom fighters. Around the year one gets to see Flower shows. This place has a large Public Library and a Summer House. A visit to such a place will get one feel close to the History of India.

Kanpur Memorial Church

 It is one of the prehistoric and signs of British architecture. It was constructed way back in 1875, designed by Walter Granville. Its mostly constructed with Red Bricks and represents as a sign of peace. It was built to pay tribute to the lost British Soldier during the war with Nana Saheb’s army. Attached is a small garden to the East side of the Church. Anyone who cherishes history should surely spare some time for the visit. 

 Places to visit in Kanpur -One for Leisure and Fun

Blue World Theme Park

 One such location that’s a must-visit in Kanpur is this theme park. It is one of the biggest Theme Parks in India, spread over 25 acres of land featuring over 30 rides. Caters to riders both kids and adults. It’s about 30 km from the Airport. Something unique about the Park is it’s divided on themes like European, Fairy Land Theme, Chinese Theme, Jungle Theme, Egyptian and Aztec Culture and Indian. Keeping the volume of the crowd that visit’s such a place, they have restaurants with a variety of cuisines.

Sports Village, Kanpur

 A water park with pool-based rides, playground and water sports. It’s a leisure space for adults and kids. This location also hosts parties and has guest house facilities. Equally accommodated with a restaurant and well connected with the city. A sure pleasure to water sports. 

Famous Food in Kanpur

Kanpur local dishes to food variety go hand in hand. One can get to relish on Mughlai, Street foods and Traditional food have a high ask. 

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