Places to Visit in England

Main List of Exotic Places to Visit in England to Spend the Best Time

So, are you planning to explore Great Britain or England? No matter whether it’s your first visit or not, the excitement to explore England is something else. It is the prettiest, rich in history, all in all, one of the finest places to visit once in a lifetime. Well, there is no doubt that you have done thorough research and make a master list of places to visit in England. In this blog, we will provide you a quick recall of the places you must visit in England; otherwise, you will regret it.

England is the most famous and largest part of the United Kingdom. People count it as one of the best places to travel in the world due to its nature, scenic view, long history, royal family, Castles, royal houses, and many more. It is a dream country and added in the bucket list of many. According to reports, millions of people travel to England for fun and entertainment.

Now, let’s understand some quick facts and richness of the country to find out why people want to visit England once in their lifetime.

What makes England one of the most visited countries every year?

England is one of the most amazing and powerful countries in the world. Every year it is flooded by many tourists from all over the world to spend the most beautiful time of their life. This country is famous not only for one or two things but for many, such as cultural and historical destinations, Scottish landscapes, British royal family, the Beatles, and several castles and forts. Also, you cannot miss the concert on the streets of London or simply take a train to university cities like Oxford to experience their history and tradition.

There are hundreds of places to visit in England or the UK. Find out more about the must-see sights in England that you can’t miss!

Some Favourite Places to Visit in England with your loved ones 

1. Tower of London – The Stunning Castle

This place served as a prison for a long time (1100-20th century.) But, now, the Tower of London is treated as a royal palace and infamous prison. Tourist visits this place due to various famous tales about this castle such as Anne Boleyn, inhabiting the tower (a ghost story). It is also considered one of the most haunted buildings in England. So, if you are someone who loves to explore spooky places, then it is a must place in England. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the 1000-year history and home to world-famous crown jewels and the legendary Beefeaters.

What’s the Prior Attraction? –  It offers a fascinating glimpse into the 1000 – year history and home to world-famous crown jewels and the legendary beef eaters.

How to reach? – Board a train in England and step down at DLR station closet to London tower.

2. Lake District – A Treat to your eyes

We can bet that you have not seen nature with this much beauty. The Lake District is located in North West England, Cumbria. It is considered the largest national park in the country. Tourist mainly visits this place to enjoy Hiking and Climbing. The fact is that this park is visited by 14 million tourists from different countries every year to admire the rugged mountains, the dazzling lakes and tarns, and the picturesque landscape. So, if you want to see nature in its best form, visit this beautiful place in England.

What’s the Prior Attraction? – This place offers a capturing view of the lakes and hills carved by glacier erosion. It is one of the most famous places to visit in England.

How to Reach?- Board a train from Windermere, Penrith, Carlisle, Barrow, and Kendal to directly reach Lake District in England.

3. Windsor Castle – Most Historic Castle in the World 

The monument is 1000 years old that serves the royal history to delve into. It is also considered as the largest and oldest castle over the globe. It is one of the best places to visit in England in the afternoon. It is believed to be the Queen Elizabeth II favorite residence. At this place only, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank is performed. Windsor Castle has royal architecture, and the Queen uses incredibly lavish spaces for entertainment purposes.

What’s the Prior Attraction? – This fort is a great combination of the royal residence and great history. It is visually extractive and interesting to explore.

How to Reach? – You can take a local bus or a coach tour to visit Windsor Garden in England. One can also reach this place by boarding a local train from Central London.

4. St Michael’s Mount – A Sight to behold

St Michael’s Mount is another beautiful place in Cornwall that you must visit. The sight is so fascinating that you never want to come back. It is located on its tidal island, 500 meters off the mainland coast, and is crowned by a medieval church and castle. It is the most beautiful place to visit in England. Here you can enjoy the walk across the dam to St. Michael’s Mount or takes a boat to make the short trip. Once you’re there, explore the island’s old cobblestone streets and subtropical gardens.

What’s the Prior attraction? – The spectacular view of an impressive castle, a subtropical garden paradise, and a closely connected island. Give your eyes the pleasure of this beautiful place.

How to Reach? – The best way to reach St Michael Mount from London is a drive that will take almost 4 hours. Otherwise, you can board a bus from London, but it will take long hours.

5. Stonehenge – A cool spot for your day

Stonehenge is one of the most famous ancient sites in England that you must see. It is believed that stones used for Stonehenge came from West Wales that was quite a mile away from the location. So far, however, there is no conclusive idea of why it was built or what it represents. But, it is treated as the place of worship, thanksgiving, ceremony, and community.

What’s the Prior Attraction? – This place is quite mysterious for tourists, and they love the formation of stones uniquely.

How to Reach? – Board a train from London Waterloo to Salisbury on the South Western Railway line and reach Stonehenge in half an hour.


We have given you a quick sneak peek of the best places to visit in England. So, don’t forget to explore these places for unforgettable memories.

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