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Some of the Coolest Places to Visit in Delhi on Monday – Your Travel Guide 

Monday is a different day for all of us, whether its work, education, lifestyle, etc. It marks the beginning of the week, and we all have many plans. But, many times, we have our Mondays wholly free, or you may take off from the work or anything to explore places to visit on Mondays. So if this is your plan, you are in the right place. In this travel guide, we will share some of the best places to visit in Delhi on Monday and make your Monday amazing in Delhi.

A glimpse of Delhi – The Heart of India

Travel and food is the love of all of our lives. We spend most of the money on it. There will rarely be a person who doesn’t love to visit places and try delicious dishes. So, here, we will tell some of the most amazing places to visit in Delhi on Monday for a great day. Delhi is different on Monday, metros are crowded, and public places are quite in comparison to weekend days. The hustle and bustle are there but mostly in the workplace or other institutions. If you want to go shopping Monday is the best day as the crowd is less.

Now, let’s see what you can do or what are the places to visit in Delhi on Monday to make the most of the day. All the places we are mentioning can be explored alone as well as with friends and family. So, let’s get started.

List of Exemplary Places to Visit on Monday for a great day

1. Connaught Place for good food and shopping

Connaught Place is always hustling. Youth considered it one of the most amazing places to hangout. There are many interesting places to visit in CP. People love the authentic food served here. Also, it comes in the list of places to visit in Delhi on Monday. One must try the Odean Social in the D Block. It is famous for Butter Chicken Biryani, China Box, and Oreo Mud Pot. People called it CP, one of the most amazing places to visit on Monday. The crowd is less than the weekend days. Here, you can try good cafes like zero degree, Punjabi grills, and also some scrumptious street food. The markets like Palika Bazar, Janpath are opened on Monday. You can go shopping by spending hours. 

What’s so special ?- Nothing can beat the food, ambiance, crowd, complexes, and great places to hangout like Agrasen Ki Baoli great Odean Social, D Block should be your favorite place for LIIT and more.

How to Reach? – The best way to explore CP is by metro. There are specific directions mentioned for every block.

2. Birla Temple to kick start a peaceful day 

Popularly known as the Laxmi Narayana Temple, this is a perfect day to start your Monday morning. It is also known as the Birla Temple. It is dedicated to the goddess Laxmi, who is revered for her wealth and preserver, God Narayana. The temple gains significance as a symbol of unity between different castes. The influence of the Oriya architectural style can be seen in the temple. The temple is spectacular to look at with gardens and fountains that add beauty to the white marble and red sandstone structure. The paintings in the upper gallery are a fine example of the artistic excellence of Jaipur artists.

What’s so special? – This temple is beautifully decorated with Rajasthan paintings that give a glimpse of the cultural heritage of the land.

How to Reach? – Board a metro from your nearest station and step out at R.K. Ashram to reach Birla Temple. Timings: – 6.00 am to 10.00 pm for all days.

3. India Gate to spend a lovely evening on Monday

The environment at India Gate is quite amazing to chill. India gate juts look awestruck when the lights were on. The war memorial is adorned with floodlights at night. The nearby fountains offer breathtaking views. There are green laws where people sit and relax. At one end is Rajpath. Spending a few moments of a night at the India Gate is truly a wonderful experience. It comes in the list of places to visit in Delhi on a Monday night. Moreover, you can visit this place on any day of the week. Go with your friends or alone. Greet the nation’s heroes. India Gate is among the places to visit in Delhi in evening where you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

What’s so special? – The colored lights of the fountains will conquer your heart. When the light of the day meets the night, the place witnesses the crowd. People of all ages come here to spend some time.

How to Reach? – The best way to visit India Gate in Delhi on Monday evening is by Drive. You can also board the metro and take an auto-rickshaw from Hauz Khas metro station.

4. The Nightlife at Hauz Khas – Fun & Good Time

The nightlife in Hauz Khas is nice. It’s in a good mood with great music and food. The lighting in the cafes offers breathtaking views and is pretty good for clicking pictures. The Hauz Khas Village is a trendy place to pass the time and experience unusual fashion shops and cafes. Naivaidayam is particularly suitable for Mediterranean cuisine. They have several fantastic food cafes and the lake is beautiful. It is a place where you can go with family and friends. 

What’s so special? – This place is very relaxing and you should visit it with your friends or spouse. It has a picturesque view. And it is open to everyone since there is no participation fee.

How to Reach? – One can visit this place either by personal vehicle or metro. But, for the places to visit in Delhi for an evening, take a drive.

Bringing it All Together

We have given you all information from food to places to have a lovely Monday. The blog gives details of the best places to visit in Delhi on Monday. You can take a metro or personal vehicle to explore these places. So, if you have a Monday off or planning to take off on that day, please plan your day accordingly. You can chill at above-mentioned places with friends and family.

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