Places to Visit in Coorg

Places to Visit in Coorg in two days

Coorg is a beautiful hill city situated in southern India. It is in Madikeri, Karnataka. This mesmerizing town is also popularly known as the Scotland of India. The beautiful views, panoramic landscapes, and heart-throbbing monuments attract many visitors on a yearly basis. This place has so many beautiful locations. The best places to visit in Coorg in two days are many. For a person seeking an escape from the busy cities, in the lap of mother nature, this place will be best suited. 

Location of Coorg:

The biggest producer of Coffee in Karnataka, the Coorg district, is located on the Western Ghats. The place is mesmerizing with its green lands, historically rich culture and natural sceneries. The distance of Coorg from Bangalore is five hours. It is 260 kilometers apart. The place is in reach for a weekend outing. 

Places in Coorg for Sightseeing:

Places to Visit in Coorg

  • Abbey Falls: Abbey falls one of the most beautiful sightseeing locations located near Madikeri. It is one of the top places in the list of places to visit in Coorg for 2 days. The abbey falls all its full-fledged beauty in the monsoons. This is a natural waterfall that is 70 feet high above the ground. This waterfall is surrounded by astounding green lands. Despite being the most beautiful place in monsoon, the lands might get sloppy, and care must be taken. The nearby area is covered with coffee and spice plantation giving it a very soothing touch. It costs 15 INR per person. 
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: Any individual who is a wildlife and nature enthusiast won’t miss this place to visit in Coorg on two days trip. This place provides a very close observation of wildlife. One of the most fun and enjoyment filled locations in Coorg where various activities are conducted involving elephants. This camp is located near the banks of river Cauvery. It is the hotspot of wildlife attraction. It cost 1500 INR per person. 
  • Chikli hole dam: In the list of places to visit in Coorg for 2 days trip, the chikli hole dam is less famous. However, for anyone seeking some self peace, this place is marvelous. It is less crowded. The views from this damn over the river Cauvery are breathtaking. The lush green lands and the river flowing nearby combine to give a very peaceful inner feeling. 
  • Nisarga Dhama: This beautiful places tucked away in the beautiful sceneries of Coorg city is usually neglected during a 2day trip to Coorg. The place is situated near the river Kaveri. It is among the best places for enjoying the natural views. It’s like a beautiful escape into the natural aura of wildlife and plantings. It costs 10 INR per person for a visit.
  • Brahmagiri hills: The most popular tourist attraction in Coorg, the Brahmagiri hills are situated at a high altitude of 1,608 meters. There is a natural sanctuary called Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. These hills have religious importance.

Historical places to visit in Coorg in 2 days trip:

  • Madikeri Fort: In the list of Coorg places to visit in two days, Madikeri fort is one of the most historically rich places. The historical monument records the history of Muddu raja from the 17th century. This place is at it’s best view in the monsoon. The greenery surrounding the center of attraction in Madikeri is at it’s best in the misty monsoons. This place will cost an individual absolutely nothing for its collection of rich history. The place currently is the office of Madikeri’s deputy commissioner. 
  • Raja Seat: While enlisting the top places in Coorg for a 2day visit, Raja seat can’t be left behind. This place has a historical importance. It is believed that the kings used to spend their time here, enjoying the overwhelming views of natural beauty. The scenery from the Raja seat is one of the best in the entire Coorg. Enjoying sunrise and sunset from this location is absolutely dreamlike. It is a heart-warming experience. 

Temples to visit in Coorg during a two-day visit: 

  • Omkareshwar Temple: The beautiful temple of Omkareshwar in Coorg, worships Lord Shiva since it was an establishment in 1820. This temple is a mixture of Islamic and Gothic construction. Overall the temple looks mind-blowing. This temple has a water tank that homes many beautiful fishes. This place is associated with a lot of religious beliefs. 
  • Golden Temple ( Tibet camp): One of the largest monasteries in India, the Golden temple is a mythologically rich land of Tibetan culture. It in-houses large statues and paintings of Lord Buddha. This place is extremely peaceful, and a must-visit the place to visit in Coorg for 2 days trip. This place is also amidst luring greenery. It is absolutely free of cost.
  • Talacauvery Temple: This beautiful temple situated 48 km away from Madikeri is believed to be the initiation point of river Cauvery. It has many mythological beliefs attached. This place worships two lords, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. The temple is placed at an altitude of 1,276 meters. It is extremely crowded by believers. This temple is also surrounded by beautiful sceneries and natural panorama. There is a water tank called Brahma Kundike, popularly known as the origin of the Cauvery river. This place cannot be missed while visiting Coorg for 2 days. 
  • Bhagamandala Temple: Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple houses four different temples. They are called as Bhagandeshwara, Subramanya, Mahavishnu, and Ganpati. This place is of high religious importance. It’s a must-visit place in Coorg For two days when visiting with family. This temple is located near the Triveni Sangam. It is a construction of the 11th century. 


Coorg is a great place for nature and wildlife lovers. It is also filled with many religious locations, making it suitable for family visits. This place has it all, be it the greenery, coffee plantations, or historically important places in India. Coorg is a perfect place to plan a trip. All the places mentioned above can be covered in a visit of two days. 

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