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Places to visit in Auckland- Fly off to the ‘City of Sails’

All you should know about Auckland-

Situated on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is the perfect place for your vacation. Auckland has it all for all your moods. Whether you wish to explore the west coast or climb a volcano or relax on an island or discover art and culture, the best places to visit in Auckland are never out of options and perfect for your next vacation plan. This most significant and the most diverse city of New Zealand is undoubtedly the place to visit if you wish to experience a whole different set of attractions. Auckland comes in the list of best New Zealand travel destinations. Also, the Hunua Ranges, Shakespeare Regional Park, and the Waitakere Ranges are some of the best places to visit in Auckland and count their numbers in the natural wonders to discover. Take a walk along the sandy beaches of Tamaki Drive, or fill your belly with the best Food at the Dominion road, Auckland gives you all the reasons to cherish your trip throughout. 

Best time to visit Auckland-

The best part of the city is that it can be visited throughout the year. With four major seasons, the weather in Auckland never hinders your way to an enjoyable trip. Summers from December to February gives you the best weather and time to explore the city with a lot of other activities. Enjoy the Auckland Arts Festival during autumn from March to May. It is one of the many popular festivals in Auckland with its fabulous music, exciting art, and much more. Spring and winter season are a delight to those who love the chilly weather and temperature in winter season drops to as low as 8 degrees at night, giving you the perfect place and weather to spend some lovely time with your loved ones.

Show some love to the Food! 

Try the delicacies of Auckland and add to your memories of the best places to visit in Auckland. Do Auckland like the locals. When in the city, if you have not tried on the lip-smacking food, then you are missing out on some real pleasures. 

  • Creamy eggs bene- For the brunch, stumble across some popular cafes ready to serve up creamy eggs bene and a strong coffee. For every sip, there is a sight. Enjoy your coffee and eggs with some amazing views you have never seen before.
  • New Zealand meat pie- This is a hand-sized pie with minced meat and gravy, cheese, and savoury vegetables. You can enjoy a variety of meat in your meat pie from Beef, sheep, pigs, and even go the traditional way with the offal. The meat pie is an iconic dish of New Zealand, primly with football and rugby leagues.
  • Hangi- This traditional Maori dish with a rich, smoky flavour is cooked deep underground with very hot stones. Meat such as pork, chicken, or lamb is placed with veggies like kumara, and potatoes are placed on top. This is then sprinkled entirely with water and sealed off with more vegetables to steam for several hours. This dish is prepared on special occasions with all the prep time ad cooking time required to make the best out of it. Though some places serve it to the tourists to experience the best culinary tradition.
  • New Zealand Whitebait- This is one of the most savoured seafood delicacies in Auckland. Made of the narrow freshwater fish, and sprats of slim, the New Zealand whitebait is different from the European whitebait. Whitebait fritters, an omelette dish with eggs, whitebait, salt, butter, pepper, and lemon juice, is the most common preparation of whitebait.

Best places to visit in Auckland-

  • Maungakiekie- One Tree Hill

This 182-metre volcanic peak in Auckland is a memorial place for the New Zealanders as well as Māori. The suburb around the base of the hill is surrounded by the Royal Oak to the west, and Epsom, Greenlane, Oranga, and Onehunga clockwise. It is also called One Tree Hill. One can enjoy the splendid views across the Auckland area and even have a sight of both of Auckland’s harbours. 

Major attractions-Two of the hill’s scoria cones have been breached from the volcano eruption 600 years ago. That’s a lot of time! When in Auckland, you have to see this one of the largest Auckland volcanic fields which are spread to a vast area of 20 square kilometres after the lava flows from this volcanic peak went in all directions, majorly towards Onehunga.

  • Rangitoto Island- The Bloody Sky! 

This is the largest spread volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland. Being the youngest and largest of the 50 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field which were formed in an eruption about 600 years ago, this 5.5 km wide island symmetrical shield volcano cone and reaches out to a height of 260 m. Rangitoto channel separates it from the mainland of Auckland’s North Shore and is among the best places to visit in Auckland.

Major attractions-Take a guided sea kayaking trip or take the guided tour on the 4WD road train, or you can even walk up to the summit on foot (approximately 1 hour each way), seeing the black lava caves on your way up and exploring them with your kids. Enjoy the spectacular views from the top and the perfect places to fill your Instagram with.

  • Queen Street-Let shopping be your cardio!

Queen Street in Auckland is surely a shopper’s paradise. Queen Street offers shoppers the full range of value and quality, ranging from souvenir shops to high-end designers like Gucci. There is something for everyone. Nobody goes empty-handed. Queen Street restaurants offer a similar range of options from a $40 steak to burger joints, with many being one of our favourite Auckland restaurants.

Major attractions-The Fort Street, the haunted hotel at the Vuncan Lane, the Atmospheric theatre, the Waharoa, the Townhall, and much more.

  • Pink Beach!  

A remote destination on the east side of Shakespear Park lies the pink beach. The Park offers hours of hiking trails and has three popular beaches nearby. This mainly adds to the best places to visit in Auckland. The Tiritiri Track is accessible only at low tide via a steep flight of stairs and is one of the lesser-known destinations in the Park. You can enter the beach for free but a limited entry for vehicles.

Major attractions-Spot the seagulls, kiwi birds, oystercatcher, and many other birds. Soothe your soul at the pink beach. 

Activities to do in Auckland at night-

  • Take an electric bicycle tour of Auckland city lights.
  • Give yourself an adrenaline rush with the reverse bungee.
  • Catch up at the bars or try yourself for some luck at the Casinos.
  • Tickle your taste buds with Giapo’s handmade ice creams.
  • Spend your evening on a sailing yacht, and enjoy a three-course dinner.
  • Tickle your food-filled bellies at the comedy clubs.
  • Appreciate the talent at the Caluzzi Bar and cabaret.
  • Gaze at the stars from the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium.
  • Solve mysteries with your group locked in an Escape room.
  • Immerse yourself into virtual reality for 30 minutes and enjoy the virtual world.


Say hello to an exhilarating experience of your lifetime by visiting the best places in Auckland. New Zealand, popularly known as the ‘City of Sails’ is the perfect add-on for your next vacation. From a range of activities to do even at nights visiting the Rangitoto Island, enjoying coffee with splendid sights at each sip, to lovely evenings at the Comedy clubs or enjoying the cabaret dance, to satisfying your taste buds with the lip-smacking Food, Auckland has everything for everyone. Go and explore the amazing places to visit in Auckland with your loved ones. Spot different birds at the pink beach or give you an adrenaline rush with various adventurous activities, Auckland gives its tourists the experience of a lifetime.

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