Places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills

Places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills- Hills of South!

All you need to know about Ananthagiri Hills-

Take a break from your monotonous life and take a trip to Ananthagiri Hills. Lying towards the Eastern Ghats, the Ananthagiri hills are 6 km away from Vikarabad District, Telangana, and 80 km from Hyderabad. Hyderabad, being the neighbour also has many beautiful spots. Also, we have discussed earlier the best places to visit in Hyderabad. Today, we are taking you to one of nature’s most beautiful places, the Ananthagiri Hills.

Acres of lush green land blessed with scented air, glowing lakes, and bickering brooks, Southern India boasts of some splendid hill stations with the Ananthagiri Hills being one of them. Showering waters, aroma coffee plantations, excellent views, mango grooves, there are a variety of places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills. Some of them being the Borra Hills and caves, the Musi River, the Padmapuram Gardens, and a lot more. Ananthagiri Hills offers you the best days off from your everyday life.  

Best time and weather to visit Ananthagiri Hills

The footfall remains the highest on the hills in the winter season, from November to March. Enjoy the pleasant days and the enthralling views at the mountain with the temperatures dropping to 16 degrees. Give yourself some adrenaline rush by trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and camping. 

How to get to the Ananthagiri Hills?

Take a route as per your convenience and reach these beautiful hills in a short span of time.

By Air: Either take a taxi or a bus to reach Vikarabad from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the closest airport to the Ananthagiri Hills. 

By RailThe Ananthagiri hills are approximately 6-7 km away from the Vikarabad railhead, takes you only 15-20 minutes to reach there.

By Road: Take a bus from Hyderabad to Vikarabad, and further hire an auto to the Ananthagiri Hills.

Best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills

  • The Padmapuram Gardens, Araku Valley- Cherish the exquisite flora!

Built to supply food to the soldiers of World War II in 1942, the Padmapuram Gardens, popular for its exquisite variety of flora holds its place among the best places to visit in Ananthagiri hills. A famous spot among the tourists visiting the place, the Padmapuram Gardens offers a large variety of roses, toy train rides, and treetop huts. The area is transformed now to a horticulture nursery with a training centre. The range of flower species and trees is a treat to the eyes.

Major attractions- Hanging cottages ten feet above the ground, treetop huts, range of flowers, and fun around in the toy train, the Padmapuram Gardens are surely the place to visit.

Entry fees-INR10 per person

Timings- 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • The Borra caves- the million years old caves!

Just an hour and a half drive away from Ananthagiri hills is this enthralling location of the Borra caves, also known as Borra Guhalu, located on the East coast of India. One of the largest caves of India, these are found 1400m above the sea level. The caves are so dank and gloomy but are well lit by the concerned tourism departments, giving them an enchanting look and perfect treat for the eyes of the tourists visiting here. 

Major attractions of the Borra caves– The villagers have built a small temple outside the cave believing that the Shiva Lingam found here to be the source of Gosthani River which flows through the city. 

Timings-10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Entry fees-INR60 per person (for adults)

INR45 per person (for children) 

  • Katiki waterfalls- Don’t miss the sparkling waters!

After you visit the Borra caves, check these sparkling waters pouring from a height of 50 feet at the Katiki Waterfalls. The elegant views and the sound of water hitting the rocks at the bottom will give you the ultimate peace and calm. The enticing views and the satisfying white waters are the perfect reason not to miss your chance of experiencing this is a lifetime. The Katiki waterfalls count itself among the best places to visit in the Ananthagiri Hills. 

  • The Musi River- Experience the calm and breeze at this riverside!

Originating in the Ananthagiri Hills, close to Vikarabad is the Musi River. Earlier known as the Muchukunda River, Musi River is a tributary of Krishna River in the Deccan Plateau and divides the city between the new and the old. Apart from this, the Purana Pul remains the oldest bridge over the river.

Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar are the two dams that are built over the river. The soothing experience by spending time at the bank of this river makes it one of the best places to visit in the Ananthagiri hills. Connected to the most sacred river in the Himalayas, the Musi River is considered a holy stream is attracting tourists and people around the villages. Also, this river is one of the best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills.

Major attractions-One of the oldest rivers and a famous tourist spot because it divides the city into old and new parts.

  • The Tyda Park- Stay in the lap of nature with rich flora and fauna! 

Give yourself a quick introduction to wildlife and the beauty of nature at Tyda Park. On your way to the Araku valley and amid the hills lies this beautiful natural habitat providing a friendly environment to several wildlife animals. Also, this place falls in the list of best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills. Ever thought of camping in the jungle? If not, Tyda Park gives you the chance to try that. A wide variety of flora and fauna, this place is home to many exotic and beautiful birds and offers you many adventurous activities. 

Major attractions-Enjoy camping in the jungle along with other adventurous activities like target shooting, rock climbing, and much more. Enjoy the sights of carefree animals and feel closer to Mother Nature.

Camping fees- Stay at the guest house in the jungle for as low as INR1200.

  • Go trekking in Ananthagiri Hills- Give yourself the kick!

New at trekking? No worries. Trekking here in Ananthagiri hills gives the appropriate amount of adrenaline rush to even those who have not tried their hands in adventurous sports by providing you two of the safest and easy trek trails. Even spend the nights in camps and enjoy the true feeling of being an adventure junkie. Set the bonfires, enjoy the heat from the flames amidst the chills of the mountains. This gives you a perfect experience of camping, adding to your favourite spots for getting a weekend away. 

Major attractions-Enjoy trekking at two of the safest trekking trails here at the Ananthagiri Hills and enjoy the night under the stars with the swaying winds of the mountains around.


A fun trip to the Ananthagiri Hills is what you want to take some days off your regular life. With many adventurous activities lined up for all age groups like rock climbing, camping, hiking, and much more, the Ananthagiri Hills has got it all for all. Take a weekend off with your family or a quick getaway with your friends, or even for the day-trippers, the best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills are not coming off your list so easily. Beat the scorching heat and enjoy the cool spree at these hills in South India with a variety of places to visit and cherish. Perfect spots for trekking, some enthralling views, lush greenery, rivers, and what not? Ananthagiri hills are the perfect place for your next trip. Carry your camera stands and get ready for the video blogs as this place is worth spamming your Instagram followers’ feed. 

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