Haunted Places in Jaipur

Most Haunted Places in Jaipur you must visit

Jaipur is the pink city full of historical structures with rich and bewildering history of ancient rulers. Jaipur is a place explored by many visitors every year. The area is famously known as the Pink City. Jaipur has many forts and palaces constructed by different kings and queens that ruled the place in previous years. Every fort has it’s own story and folklore. The beauty of Jaipur is in the distinction of the construction of every fortress. 

The forts have some dark pasts too. The story of wars and unrested souls lead to its connection with spooky events. Jaipur has many places that are spoken as chilling and horrifying. The shining city has some moving incidents been recorded now and then involving paranormal occurrences. 

Some haunted places in Jaipur: 

Haunted Places in Jaipur

  • Nahargarh Fort: Along with the city of Jaipur, there runs a stretch of a vast range called Aravalli hills. The field has a time of construction over it known as Najafgarh fort. It is believed that the fort is haunted by the unrested soul of king Nahar Singh Bohemia. The king built this place for his queens. The haunted events started during the excavation of this fort. During some renovation work, the king’s soul was disturbed and unhappy. Weird facts began happening. The person who did the renovation work was found dead in passing days under suspicious circumstances. The chilling story goes on that the spirit still haunts the palace. 
  • Jagatpura: The town of Jagatpura is a place for people with a healthy spine, especially at night. The area is a co-resident of the witches. The area has a haunted history that involves witches. The history goes back into the past when a witch cursed a cruel king. The king was a greedy man who was responsible for the death of half of his kingdom because of starvation. It is said that the witches cursed the king before their end. The dark eerie in the down can be sensed, especially at night. The incidents of women ( witch) in a white dress with a face covered with hair in a horrific way, roaming around the place has been notified more than once. 
  • Jal Mahal: If screams horrify you, it’s better to stay far from this place. The place has many questions linked with it, along with its world-class Architecture. Jal Mahal is a fort built in five stories out of which only the topmost floor is visible rest four levels are submerged in the Man Sagar Lake. Locals said that the palace was abandoned as the stinking water started seeping inside this building. There have been many abnormal incidents near this building. Going here at night is prohibited.
  • Fort: One of the most haunted places in India is this fort. The fort has always been linked with chilling events that wreck the whole nervous system of a person. Bhangarh Fort has been considered haunted even after careful scientific examination. The fort has a warning sign in front, notifying the visitors about the horrors of this place. The fort is a historical ruin that has a story associated with it. It is believed that there was a powerful magician who fell in love with the Bhangarh princess. By random series of events, he got a chance to see the princess in the local market. He gave the princess a portion of love in the hope of luring the princess in his trap. The princess, However, got to know about the intentions of the magicians, and soon he has been caught and murdered by the king for his betrayal. It is believed that before his last breath, he cursed the fort into abandonment. No one was able to stay in the fort soon afterward. The fort is not open after 5 in the evening. The fort gates are closed. There are many horrific events that prove the chilling story true. The fort has shadows roaming around, eyes looking, and shouting sounds, etc. 
  • Jaipur Road: The Delhi Jaipur road has observed many incidents of horror. Many people have reported similar stories of fear and despair. The way has a figure of women in red saree, which disappears when the vehicles come closer. There is a story associated with this haunted occurrence. There is believed to be the history of women and a girl child who was murdered by a fast speed vehicle. In earlier times, child marriage was prevalent in Rajasthan, a girl of 5 years ago was supposed to be married to a boy of 3 years. The unhappy mother took steps to prevent it and decided to run away with her daughter, but they were killed by a fast speed vehicle. The soul of the women has no rest since then.

The city of Jaipur has undeniable and some of the most horrific haunted places. Every place needs a heart of steel to be explored and roamed about. The areas are great for people looking for a thrill.

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