15 Most Exotic Places for a Destination Wedding in India

15 Most Exotic Places for a Destination Wedding in India

Destination Wedding Locations In India

Every person thinks about getting married someday according to their dream imaginations. It’s not always that easy to choose the best place in the budget that is affordable. There is this new trend where people are absolutely taking a keen interest. It is the concept of Destination Wedding. The whole idea in itself is so exotic and refreshing. Every couple goes through the difficulty of choosing the best place out of all the places which will suit all their conditions of a dream wedding. So here’s a list of some of the most exotic and popular wedding destination places in India along with a rough planning budget.

15 most exotic places for a Destination Wedding in India:

15 Most Exotic Places for a Destination Wedding in India

  1. Goa: The beautiful city surrounded by surreal beaches and fresh air. The taste of salt that touches the skin. The idea of the whole concept of getting married on a seashore is so delightful. The sand and the water waves give their own music to the rhythm of a wedding. It is an attractive spot for many couples. it’s like a dream come true.

       The average estimated cost of the wedding: 30 – 50 lakhs

  1. Jaipur: The pink city of Jaipur is a beautiful destination for anyone seeking a Royal marriage, or for a couple who is in love with the age-old forts. The architecture is a total delight and eye-filling. This is one of the most adorable places to organize a wedding ceremony. However, it is suited that the place must be considered in the winter season as the summer heat is very scorching in the city of Jaipur.

       The average estimated cost of the wedding: 30 – 70 lakhs

  1. Udaipur: If you are a couple who wish a serene wedding in a low key place yet with the great pomp and show, this is the best location for you. The Udaipur city has the complete package with the royal forts to the rivers surrounding the palace giving it a soothing and serene feel. This is the best place to fulfill the dream of getting married to a princess. The place is most suitable to be visited in winter. There are many beautiful five star hotels that are inside forts which can be suitable accommodation for the guests.

       The average estimated cost of the wedding: 50 – 70 lakhs

  1. Jim Corbett National Park: Are you in love with the greenery and the woods? Then, this is the suitable place for you to get married and tie that knot. The forest area covered with sweet mountains and melancholy of nature all around. This is the dream wedding for nature lovers.

       The average estimated cost of the wedding: 20 – 35 lakhs

  1. Kerala: Many people are unaware of how beautiful this state is. This is one of the perfect wedding locations as well as a beautiful and soothing honeymoon location. There are many beach destinations in the Kerala state of India the best of them being the Samudra Beach. It is also the location where many movie stars were married.

       Best seasons: Monsoon or Winter

  1. Havelock Island: Isn’t it like a dream to imagine a wedding ceremony taking place on a beautiful island with open skies and serene beauty surrounding from all the sides. Water splashing in its own music. The whole ambiance is so breathtaking. This is the impact of Havelock Marriage. This island is in Andaman And Nicobar.

       Best season: Winter (mostly off-season discounts can be availed)

  1. Shimla: This place has turned into a recent wedding hotspot. Many destinations weddings are happening here. The valleys of Shimla, the hills echo and the snow in winters all are alluring to a variety of people. For an open setting of the wedding, this place is breathtaking.

       Best seasons: Summer is the best season. For a wedding in snow, early winters are adaptable.

  1. Rishikesh: This place is a spiritual land with many Stories associated with it belonging to Hindu Mythology. Although the location is not very famous among the couples, this place sure is in the list of couples who are spiritual and religious. The ambiance, however, comes out to be beautiful.

       Best season: Winters

  1. Lavasa: This location has come into the attention as a beautiful wedding destination recently. The location is situated near Pune. The whole place has a very beautiful Italian look that makes it mesmerizing and classy. The place is surrounded by sweet waterfalls and beautiful landscapes for a perfect wedding.

       Best seasons: All Seasons

  1. Kolkata: This beautiful city needs no introduction. Its Victorian architecture speaks all about the beauty and ambiance of this city. The city is also famous for its sweets. Some people also consider locations on the outskirts of the main city of Kolkata.

       Best season: Winters

  1. Hyderabad: Famously known as the pearl city, Hyderabad acts as the perfect location for a destination wedding with it’s hypnotizing beauty of monuments and history attached to them which lure many couples around.

       Best season: Winter

  1. Mussoorie: Be it a good vacation, a honeymoon or a destination wedding, this place fits all the descriptions well and excel in all of them. The sunset and sunrise are so breathtaking that it adds a touch of natural beauty to a wedding. The pictures in this ambience of hilly surroundings are beautiful.

       Best seasons: Summers, For snow wedding Winters

  1. Nashik: This beautiful city is famous as the Wine capital. The name itself explains the presence of many vineyards in the city. The vineyards provide a magnificent environment for a wedding. The place is in the bucket list of many couples.

 Best season: Winters

  1. Madhurai: It is one of the most pretty city which is also known as the city of temples. It is a famous destination for the wedding because if the construction of the city. The lotus shape of the city is alluring to many couples. The Meenakshi temple is the most famous temple, where the most couple gets wed. An additional advantage is a good connectivity to the location by both road and the trains.

Best Season: Winters.

  1. Bengaluru: The city is filled with Greenery and beautiful scenery all around. The whole view is so soothing and has witnessed many weddings in history. It is a famous hotspot for a destination wedding.

Best Season: All year-round.

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