Places to Visit in Melbourne

Liveliest Places to Visit in Melbourne, Australia

Being Australia’s most lively city, Melbourne is an elegant, vibrant, rich cultured city. Also, it is the second-largest metropolis in Australia. Are you planning for a Vacation in this magical city? If yes, it is better to know about the places to visit in Melbourne and put them in your checklist beforehand. Here, in the following blog, we have brought you the best places to visit in Melbourne city.

Melbourne – The Magical Town

Melbourne can be called a cool city. Its streets are loaded with some amazing artworks, rooftop bars, chic neighborhoods, and a cozy environment. Moreover, the city gives a European feel with hidden lanes, huge Victorian buildings, tree-lined promenades, and much more. For food lovers, Melbourne has a lot to offer. You can get a huge variety of cuisine from Italian, Indian, Greek to Spanish.

Also, Melbourne is famous for its sports like a horse race, football, and cricket. The city offers several beautiful places to explore from gardens, promenades, markets, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, vintage stations, and many other places.

Some Best Places to Visit in Melbourne City

Places to Visit in Melbourne


Docklands is one of the most happening places to visit in Melbourne, Australia. This place is surrounded by amazing shopping, dining walkways. There is a hub of nightclubs, pubs, fine dining restaurants, parklands, kiosks, amusement parks at this waterfront.

A ride on Melbourne Star, a giant wheel, is surely not to be missed here. It is a 120-meter high wheel from where you can have a mind-blowing view of the city. Also, there is an ice sports center named Icehouse. You should not miss to visit here and experience some amazing ice sports. There are many other happening places located in the Dockland area. These places include the Vintage Market, Etihad Stadium, Sunday Art, and many others.

Flinders Street Station

This is the central railway station in Melbourne city. Also, Flinders Street Station depicts the history and culture of the city. It is also Australia’s oldest railway station. It is in the heart of the city of Melbourne. This place comes in the list of top 10 places to visit in Melbourne that are worth visiting. There is a row of clocks at the entrance of the station. Being the famous landmark of the city, it is not a site to be missed.

Also, this station is the busiest in the whole Southern hemisphere. Flinders Street Station is known for its history and is an iconic structure in Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road

Being a 243 kilometers long road, Great Ocean Road is the most scenic drive. It runs along the Victoria coastline. Also, this road is on the list of Australian National Heritage. The best thing to witness on this route is the Twelve Apostles. These are the 12 giant limestone cliffs. This place gives an amazing scenic view of these rock formations.

During the sunrise and sunsets, you can get the beautiful photogenic view of these rocks. This Ocean Road is also famous for other things like charming towns, surf spots, close wildlife that includes Koalas Here, you can take a helicopter ride to witness the scenic views, discover the Apollo Bay.

 Shrine of Remembrance

This place is a peaceful memorial. Shrine of Remembrance is situated in the Kings Domain Garden. It is among the top 10 places to visit in Melbourne city. This place was made in the memory of Victorians. These were the people who sacrificed their lives during the first world war. Also, this place is one of the landmarks of Melbourne city. This place is Australia’s largest War Memorial also.

After it gets dark, the shrine is illuminated with lights, which is a view worth watching. Also, the ceremonies are held here on Remembrance Day and ANZAC day.

Yarra Valley Wineries

This place is among the best places to visit in Melbourne, Australia. Yarra Valley covers the regions surrounding the Yarra River. Also, this place is home to many wineries and breweries. This valley is just an hour’s drive away from Melbourne city.

You can enjoy the guided wine tours, food trails, and the scenic beauty of the place. Also, you can enjoy different wines, cheese, chocolates, and some dining options. The valley is a well-known wine production area near the city. Yarra Valley is an ideal place for food and drinks lovers.

Phillip Island

Located on the southern coast of Victoria, Phillip Island is perfect for a day outing from Melbourne. Fairy penguins are the famous residents of this place. During dusk, visitors gather here in large numbers to witness the penguin parade as, during this time, penguins emerge to land from water.

Nature, wildlife and some scenic views are the best things to experience here. Also, you can find seals here on the rocks and amazing beauty.

Travel Tips for a Trip to Melbourne

1. Best Time to Visit – It is said that the best time to visit Melbourne for a pleasant vacation in March-April. As the summers will just be ended before March, the temperature won’t be too hot and not even too cold. It would be a pleasant time to travel here.

2. Cash Management – Almost everywhere in Australia, you can use your credit cards for payments. It is suggested to go with the card payment method. However, if you wish to use cash for payments, it is suggested not to exchange your money in Australia, mainly at the airport. The exchange rates offered there are not too good. Also, sometimes they charge extra fees for transactions.

Summing Up

Melbourne is a magical city. It is an ideal place for all the food, wine lovers. There are numerous places to visit in Melbourne. This city offers something for every traveler. From food, sports, music to some amazing destinations to explore, Melbourne has it all. Also, there are many famous markets, pubs, cafes, restaurants, bars to explore and have fun! Other places that you can explore in Melbourne are Healesville Sanctuary, Harbor Town, Peninsula Hot Springs Sovereign Hill, and much more.

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