Know About the Top Haunted Places in Thane

All of us have heard ghost stories in our childhood. We might have forgotten some, but some of them still linger in our minds. There are several haunted places located everywhere in the world. Even in India, there are numerous spooky places about which most of people do not know. Many of us are always excited to explore and learn about such places.

Thane, also known as the city of lakes has many haunted sites. All the haunted sites have witnessed some or the other spooky, paranormal activity along with the supernatural power. In the following blog, you will know about some of the best haunting sites in Thane along with the stories behind them If you are waiting for a thrilling experience, a spooky walk, let us know about the top 5 haunted places in Thane, Maharashtra.

Which are the best-haunted places in Thane?

Haunted Places in Thane

Below is the list of the top haunted attractions in Thane. All these places have experiences some spooky, breath taking incidents that will blow up your minds. Later we will discuss in detail the stories behind these ghosted placed.

  1. Vrindavan Society
  2. Cemetery near Dhokali Village
  3. The Nitin Casting Area
  4. Ghodbunder Fort
  5. Upvan Lake

The Vrindavan Society

Being crowded areas, Mumbai and its surrounding regions have enough of spooky tales to haunt people. Vrindavan Society comes in one of the most lavish societies. Yet, it is one of the haunted places in Thane. This society was under construction for 89 years before it was open for residents. Its construction began in ‘80s. The area is densely populated and has more than 100 buildings in the complex. It is called one of the most lavish societies in the area. Some residents say that all the stories are imaginary. But, who knows?

Many creepy incidents are a part of the reason among the residents of the society. Many stories include an old man who jumped off the building, whose spirit later haunted residents, a security guard being slapped again and again by something he could not see and many more. This is a bit funny though! Many people complaint about the presence of an un-natural force in the complex. A force that they cannot see, but knows it can see them. Some people have heard strange sounds in their bedrooms too. The patrolling security guards have experienced such paranormal activities countless number of times.

Cemetery near The Dhokali Village

Near the Dhokali Village in Thane, there is a small children’s cemetery. The story behind this Haunted Cemetery is somehow scary. Once a man who worked in late-night shifts, took a shortcut from his home to office. It was not a road, but a small path. After walking for about 20 minutes from home, he saw a 2 year old kid running naked. He followed the child just to ensure if he reaches safely to his parents and must not have lost his way.

Suddenly, to his surprise, the kid vanished in front of his eyes. Before he could sense what happened, he saw that kid standing behind him. He rushed to the Dhokali village and narrated the incident to the villagers. The, the villagers told him that the place where he witnessed the incident was near to a small children’s cemetery. This incident makes that cemetery a haunted place.

The Nitin Casting Area

This place is one of the top 5 Haunted places in Thane and has some amazing stories behind it being called Haunted. Many spooky incidents have been a part of the Thane’s modern landscape and high rises. This place has a crazy horror story behind. People have claimed to see a woman in white saree who suddenly appears and then disappears. 

Also, there have been many accidents due to this in the area. This is similar to the incidents happening at the Cadbury Junction Signal. There also, a women in white saree was seen by rickshaw drivers at night who appeared and disappeared suddenly.

Ghodbunder Fort

This fort is located in Ghodbunder village in Thane. This fort was names so because the Portugese used to trade for ghode(horses) here. So, it was named as Ghodbunder where Ghod is for horses and bander is for port.

Stories are stating that many people have died here protecting as well has while trying to capture the fort. So, the spirits of these soldiers, till date, are stuck there. Many people have witnessed these spirits at nights. It is said that one should not go to this place alone, as it is a bit scary and thrilling.

Upwan Lake

The Upwan lake is one of the biggest lakes in Thane surrounded by Yeoor Hills. It is considered as the Thane’s lover’s paradise. It is said that the reason behind this place being called haunted is a person who committed suicide by jumping into this lake. He was deeply in love with a girl. It is said that his spirit is still waiting for that girl, his love. Due to this, couples are warned not to go at this place as the spirit might possess their love.

Also, there is another story from this place. Once, three friends visited this lake late at night and decided to go to the nearby Yeoor hills. On their way to the hill, they experienced some paranormal activities. So, it is said that Upwan Lake is also one of the top 5 haunted places in Thane.

Summing Up

It is hence proved that it is a myth that there is no room for haunting in Thane. Many spooky places have witnessed numerous haunting incidents. Thane is a city that is surrounded by 30 beautiful lakes. Above we have mentioned some of the best-haunted places in Thane along with the reason for them being called spooky. All these places wave witnessed some paranormal activities with some supernatural power. In case you are travelling near these haunting places, make sure to be aware and have information about these places.

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