Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore

Know About the Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore, Kolkata

Kolkata is known for several things, including the Victoria Memorial, rosogolla, trams, puchka, the Howrah Bridge, etc. Including the famous festival Durga Pooja. Along with being a historical and a shining city, there is a dark side also. There are many thrilling and haunted spots in this city. In this blog, we will discuss the haunted places in Kolkata Barrackpore. The town has many spooky places to explore and know about. Are you curious to know about these places? If yes, keep reading the blog and get ready for the thrills!

History of Barrackpore

Barrackpore is situated in the North Kolkata region. For its rich historical significance, this place has always been popular among enthusiasts and historians. The town Barrackpore was under the British rule, and it was a military and administrative center. The name Barrackpore has originated from the English word Barracks.

This town, almost 27 km away from Kolkata is the center of haunted places. The residents, as well as the ghost hunters, have experienced many paranormal activities there. 

Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore

Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore
Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore
  • Khardah House

Khardah house is located in Barrackpore near the bank of river Ganga. This place is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Barrackpore. There have been countless unusual happenings. Due to this, it is also advised not to be in the vicinity of this place in odd hours or late at night.

History of Khardah House

Khardah house is a place full of magnificence, crawled with creepers, rustic, ancient, thrilling areas near the river bank. It is the leading haunted sites in the list of haunted places in Kolkata, Barrackpore. It was the office of British fire brigade 200 years ago. Countless paranormal incidents have been reported here. Events such as the items falling from the shelves on their own, cold vibes, unusual, strange sounds have been experienced by the residents living nearby. Some more incidents have been experiences like refrigerator developing cracks and falling, flower vases falling on the floor on their own. 

  • Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat

Around 1 km away from Barrackpore, there is an oldest burning ghat. Also, it is the Kolkata’s oldest burning ghat and one of the most haunted places in Barrackpore. It was established in the year 1827. Since then, this haunting place has witnessed the burning of many bodies. There are ashes all over the ghat. In this process, it became one of the scariest places in Kolkata with tons of remains of ashes. 

History of Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat

Nimtala ghat has a bundle of spooky stories. The locals of this place believe that on the night of the Kali Puja, the aghoris come here invoke their reigning deity, Shamshan Kali. Their rituals include human sacrifices. After these sacrifices, the aghoris consume the leftover flesh of the burnt bodies to inculcate power in themselves. People prefer not to go behind the actual reasons and try to avoid the truths behind the shut doors.

Other Most Haunted Places in Barrackpore & Surrounding Areas 

Other than these two, there are other haunted places in Kolkata Barrackpore and its surrounding areas. There are plenty of places to dive shivers down your spine. These Haunting are a matter of experience. People experience these things and narrate them. Some come out to be rumors, but some are true.

The stories about these places are never-ending and quite exciting too. So, let us have a look at some other haunted sites in Kolkata.

1. The National Library

The national library is known for its rare and significant books and publications. There are many eerie stories behind this place being called haunted. There was a woman, Lady Metcalfe, the governer’s wife, who was fond of books and cleanliness in maintaining books. 

The students and readers so far have experienced some paranormal incidents. They say that they have heard the footsteps of Lady Metcalfe. Also, they have seen it faded grey shadows on the walls. Many people believe that this is the scariest place in Kolkata.

2. Bhoot Bangla – Belvedere Estate

Once Bengal’s Governor-General built this place as his residence. This haunted house is currently the location for an undergraduate women’s college. This college is under the University of Calcutta.  

The spooky story behind this place says that the hostel girls and other staff have seen an English spoken gentleman entering the area on his horse and moving around. Also, a few years back, a boy died unnaturally while playing football in the ground. It is said that people have seen the shadow of that boy who suffered a sudden untimely death. 

3. Kolkata Dock

This place is in the present a significant node of marine trading. It is reported that the traders and sailors have seen shadows roaming in the dock areas. Also, it is said that this shadow is of a Nawab who wanders around to take revenge from the Britishers for his betrayal.

4. The House of Dolls

Putulbari, also known as the House of dolls, is almost a century old. The architecture of this place, which is virtually in its ruins, depicts the structures of dolls. This House was owned by rich landlords in Bengal, who tortured women and exploited them to a great extent. Some local people hear the cries and voices of women.

5. Park Street Cemetery

Cemeteries have always been one of the haunted places, despite there are some stories behind or not. The Park Street cemetery is one of the spooky spots in Kolkata. It is also known as the ancient burial ground. The name graveyard is always enough to give the Goosebumps. Incidents have been reported about seeing grey shadows on the walls, hearing unusual sounds. Also, there has been the sensation of some unnatural presence around. One incident reported here says a group of friends went to the cemetery for photography. The felt some dizziness. Even some of their captured photographs contain shadows.

Summing Up

Haunted places are everywhere. There are many spooky tales and incidents about these places. It is enjoyable to know about such places and explore the facts. There are plenty of Haunted places in Barrackpore, a part of northern Kolkata also has many haunting sites. All of them have some exciting and breathtaking stories.

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