Ideal food you can carry while travelling

Ideal food you can carry while travelling

Just like fuel for your car, food is the essential commodity to carry while you travel to a desired place. Every time when you feel hungry during journey, it is not possible that someone will be there to provide good food. Instead of depending on others, it is better to prepare some healthy food on your own. Continuous eating something in intervals while travelling is very important to maintain your energy level. There is a long list of food you can carry while travelling and it will not spoilt even some days after cooking.

Generally, you will get only fast food at road side to eat which is not good for health. Also these junk foods can make you feel drowsy after completing a short distance. So it is an advice for all travelers that along with eating junk food of road side also carry some healthy homemade food too. The food you can carry while travelling is not very complicated to prepare because many ingredients are already available in your kitchen. A list of these healthy and delicious foods is explained in this article. Choose your favorite one and gather essential ingredient for preparation.

  1. Chivda

Some people call it poha while others say chivda, but taste and look remains same. It is made up rice places which are stir fried along with dry fruits and nuts. This food is healthy as well as very tasty to eat. You can add some spices and a bit of salt to make it an ideal food you can carry while travelling. The crisp and crunch of this food is much better than chips packets available in shops.

  1. Cheese straw

You cannot stop eating after just one stick of this tasty food. Cheese straws are crispy and cheesy, which remains fresh for a long time. Carry them along with other luggage items while going out for travelling a long distance. Whenever you feel hungry, just take out a handful of these straws, and start munching.

  1. Thepla

Traditional gujrati dish that you may consider as great food you can carry while travelling. It exactly looks like a parantha but made up of fenugreek leaves. Roll them in a foil or store in a casserole while going out for journey. Pickle, yogurt or butter can be used as topping when you will eat it.

  1. Banana chips

Instead of purchasing potato chips from market, prepare healthy banana chips at home and carry them for next trip. These are dried or deep fried slices of banana, which can be covered with honey or salt according to your taste preference. They can last long for months and are very healthy because of containing potassium and high fiber.

  1. Moong daal parantha

If you want to carry a healthy food that last long for few days during a trip, then moong daal parantha is best one. This is a food you can carry while travelling because it is rich in protein. Prepare them with mustard oil on exact day when you start journey. Pickle is the best topping with it when you are out of house and want some homemade food to eat.

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