Travel Cautious Indian Parents

How to Deal with Travel Cautious Indian Parents ?

One of the most prominent question among the travellers who belong to typical Indian families is “How to deal with travel cautious Indian parents?”. I am a young traveller who belongs to a normal Indian family having over-possessive parents that almost every Indian parent is. Maybe I won’t call them being over-possessive, but it’s their normal nature to care and worry for their children!

My Story

Coming from a regular family in Delhi, I also went through the same scenario where my parents didn’t allow me to travel till I was 18. After I turned 18, I went on my first trip with friends. Convincing my parents allow me for that trip took a lot of effort, requests, and almost twenty days in a row of asking them day and night to allow me. Once I started travelling, I never stopped. But then too, my parents are always worried and are a bit travel cautious. It took me to try many different things and tricks to make my parents believe the importance of travelling. But now, I have finally convinced my parents to let me travel in groups as well as solo.

Do you also belong to one of the Indian families with a similar story? Are you wondering how to deal with your parents who are travel-weary? Don’t worry at all! I have a solution to this problem faced by almost every Indian youth traveller.

Ways to Deal with Travel – Wary Indian Parents that Work

1. Make Them Believe in You

The first and the most important thing to convince your travel cautious parents to let you travel is to make them believe in you. Make them trust you for your decisions and your actions. Indian parents are against the idea of a travelling life mainly because of safety, career, or Money. So the first thing is to make sure that they trust you for your decisions. Always be nice to them and respect their decisions. It will help a lot!

2. Tell Them What They Need to Know

The idea is not to lie, but to tell them the things which they need to know. Do not tell them the stuff that is not required. If you explain to them each thing about your planned trip, at some points, they may disagree or worry about you. So, be practical. When you are in an unknown city or town, it is obvious that your parents will worry about you. To reduce some worries, tell them important facts and not unnecessary details. If you have decided to travel, be confident enough to go and explore the things at the new place and have faith in yourself. Surely, you will cross all the hurdles that might come your way during the journey.

3. Never Ask them for Money

It’s not really about how rich your parents are. But, it’s about you, your independence and your wish to spend according to your needs. No matter how much MoneyMoney you ask from your parents to finance your trip, you will always be bounded by the amount you spend during your travel.

If you want complete independence while travelling, you need to earn and finance your trip yourself. You can work part-time, have a corporate job, do some savings, and go for a break to your much-awaited trip. If you have your own MoneyMoney, you can freely plan the trip as you want.

4. Make them Aware about the Importance of your Trip

 It is important to tell your parents about your desires, dreams, and your idea to travel. They need to understand how important it is for you to travel, explore the unseen world. Because, if they understood this, it would be much easier to convince them to let you travel. Tell them about your plans because Indian parents do not want their kids to do anything aimlessly.

5. Give them examples of other successful Indian Travellers

As our Indian parents always do, compare us with the rest of the world. So, now it’s your turn Give them examples of other successful Indian travellers, their experiences, growth, and everything to make them understand the importance of travelling. But be careful with your words. Do not say anything that can backfire you. You just have to give them good examples and pictures of other young travellers.

6. Stay in Touch

Indian parents always want to make sure that their kids are okay and doing well. So make this a habit and promise them to ping them or call them at least once or twice in a day while you travel. This will make them feel assured that you are doing well and reduce their worries. Not only parents but also stay in touch with one or two of your friends in case of any mishappening. This will help you feel safe, and you can travel without any worries with a free mind.

Summing Up

While travelling, always thinks of the ways where you can be independent enough and fulfil all your desires to travel. We live in an Indian society where parents are possessive and much cautious about the idea of travelling. Need not worry; we have found the solution. You just need to smartly handle them and convince them about the importance of travelling. You have to make them believe that you are independent enough to travel alone, handle all the hardships, and live your life to the fullest.

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