How to avoid travel sickness

Travelling for long distance is a matter of fun and adventure but there are also some drawbacks. While travelling a long distance, you may feel motion sickness due to the continuous momentum of vehicle. For a really enjoyable travelling, it is suggested to avoid travel sickness.  This kind of sickness make you feel exhausted and uneasy temporarily. It happens because during journey, the internal organs always stay disturbed, as a result you feel like vomiting. Some of the symptoms to identify motion sickness are:-

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Salivation
  • Sweating

All people don’t suffer from this kind of sickness but those who suffer only know the consequences. Whether it is a journey by car, train, bus or cruise ship, motion sickness may occur in any kind of circumstances. If you also face this situation several times then there are some very effective steps to avoid travel sickness. Try any of the method as mentioned below to get rid of travelling sickness.

  • Use ginger

It is a very common ingredient of every kitchen, which can also be used as antidote for motion sickness. Take a small piece of ginger and chew it right before starting your journey. It is a scientifically proven remedy to avoid travel sickness.

  • Food items

If you suffer from motion sickness several times then this is time to reconsider your diet plans. Acidity causing foods are suggested to avoid as much as possible and carbonated drinks are highly preferred. Drink liquid food because it is easy to digest and try to eat fresh things only.

  • Pressure ball wrist bands

It is a scientifically designed wrist band which is specially manufactured to provide relief from travelling sickness. The ball of this band is connected to the pressure points of wrist from where veins go to diaphragm and stomach. It can help you to avoid travel sickness by treating vomiting and nausea symptoms.

  • Avoid reading

Reading a book or e book needs lots of attention and your mind cannot completely focus on study. It creates a strange confusion in brain functioning and you feel like vomiting. It may not affect at some people but those who have an experience of this sickness must avoid reading while travelling.

  • Take some medicines

Medication is also very helpful in if you are the primary target of motion sickness. There are many medicines present in market such as Dramamine. It is a suggestion to take medicines at least an hour before starting journey to avoid travel sickness. You can get them in any medical store nearby you very easily.

  • Breath fresh air

If you are in a car heading towards long distance then do not suffocate because it is the major cause of motion sickness. To avoid travel sickness situation, it is a suggestion that opens the window glass and let the fresh air to come inside. As an additional advice, do not stare continuously at outer vehicles on road or waves of sea during voyage. Put your headphones in ears and listen your favorite playlist.

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