Haunted places in Pondicherry

Top Haunted places in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a beautiful city. It comes under the seven Union Territories of India. Pondicherry has lovely French colonization. The city is divided into two mainstream lands that refer to the white or french colony, and the other one is the Tamil region. The place is located near the borders of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry has been a popular destination for tourists because of the seaside views, beautiful exposure to nature and it’s rich French history. The place crawls with the taste of sea salt and fresh air. 

The history of Pondicherry is closely related to the export-import business and war. The all-time glowing and beautiful city of Pondicherry also has loads of spooky places that are spine chilling. Haunted places can make even courageous people afraid. 

If you have travel anxiety take proper precautions.

Some haunted places in Pondicherry: 

  • The House next to the Pondicherry Museum: There is a house located along the side of the Pondicherry museum with ghostly stories stirring the fear among the people. This place has been abandoned since a heart tearing event occurred here. There was reported a case of murder and rape. The victim Parvathi was married to her high school lover Ravi. Soon after they were married, Ravi’s younger brother kamal had suspicious intentions towards the lady which were disclosed. One day kamal hit the woman on the back of her head with a string object. She was brutally murdered and raped afterward. The whole family tried to hide the proof of murder. This case was soon after enlightened in public. Ravi and his mother were arrested and provisioned for protecting the tests whereas kamal was convicted for his crime and hanged.  It is believed that the unhappy soul of Parvathi still roams around in the House. The unresting soul has made people scared. There have been events of ghostly shadows being observed by the people nearby or a gaze looking at them. The House has been locked since the incident. 
  • The Pondicherry beach road: The Pondicherry beach road is divided into the rich cultural French architecture and structure and the Tamil side of the city. The beauty of this city has experienced some horrifying ghostly stories as well. The beach road is believed to be haunted by ghostly shadows, sounds that can make a heart skip a beat and other scary events. The famous story associated with this place is that there’s a building with a particular section that is ghosted. It is believed that a political party used to live there. The parry murdered someone in the building since then the specific portion of the building has been ghosted and abandoned. The building has scary events, especially at night. Sometimes shouts are heard, and there is a presence of power felt in this place. Many people have reported that there have been incidents of a soul peering out from the window. The soul disappears soon afterward. 
  • Chennai- Pondicherry Highway: While on the way to Pondicherry BEWARE of the haunted highway and the stories associated with it. It’s not a place for faint-hearted. This road located in the center of beautiful views on both sides is a mesmerizing site in daylight, but it can turn to a death note at night. 

Have been many accidents reported at this location. The reason behind them is considered to be the spirit of a girl who comes in front of the vehicles making the driver lose control. Localities say that this girl was killed at this very location and since then she haunts the place. Some people believe she wants to take revenge for her death.

  • In some cases, accident survivor has claimed that a toddler came in front of their vehicle, making them lose control. This place has been causing many deaths. The accidents are usually severe. The accident survivor often turns into people with a mental health condition.

The horrors of this place are undeniable, and paranormal activities keep stirring in the air of Pondicherry. For a bold hearted person who loves the thrill and new experiences, try Pondicherry at night. It will be exciting, chilling, dangerous and surprising. It is a beautiful place with a combination of both intriguing charm and chilling horror. 

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