Haunted places in Indore

Haunted places in Indore

Indore is one of the big and popular cities in India. The city is the house of rich cultural history, many popular poets and artists and industrial areas. Despite all the bright side, there are some haunted stories associated with certain locations of this city. Haunted and spooky places have always been of keen attraction as they strike a nerve in anyone easily. The haunted places in Indore have many stories tagged alongside them.

Some of the haunted places in Indore are:

  • An empty house on the MG Road: One of the main streets of Indore has this empty abandoned house. The house has many ghost stories associated with it therefore it has been abandoned. It all started when a lady jumped from the building and died. The suicide stirred many unusual paranormal activities in the building leading to people leaving the area one by one. Now, this house stands empty and alone on such a busy street in Indore.
  • Gamle Wali Puliya: The bridge or the gamle wali puliya in Indore is prone to accidents. It has been actively associated with paranormal activities by people. The survivor’s of the accident have enlightened the reason behind these lost control. The people have reported being distracted by women in white saree who come in front of the vehicle out of nowhere. This place is definitely spooky and dangerous because you never know when the women appear.
  • Footi Kothi: This place is a historical ruin. The place is an incomplete construction by Maharaja Holkar. He himself failed to construct the building completely due to paranormal incidents. The place has weird noises and many incidents mostly noted in the night time. The Footi Kothi is construction without a roof. There are walls but no doors. The spirits are said to wander this land. Nowadays many people use this spot for picnics in the daytime however staying here at night needs courage.
  • Lal Bagh Palace: The Lal Bagh Place marks an important point from a historical point of view as it was a part of Holkar dynasty housing. Many strange stories have been associated with this beautiful place with wonderful flowers and lawns. The palace has been observed with many paranormal incidents. Mostly at night, it reflects many negative energies. The place has unaccountable noises and events that are not understandable. Sometimes weird voices came out of this palace. This is one of the reasons this place is closed at night. Even the Guards have a tough time to maintain the gatekeeping at this haunted place.
  • Kazi ki Chawl: Chawl is a place where many people have housing under the same shed. The place has experienced some of the painful incidents. It has been seen that girls randomly burn themselves here by putting kerosene on themselves.  The suicide is said to be triggered by two girls that force suicide. It has been believing the natives that there are some unrested souls in this place, responsible for the incidents. Kazi ki Chawl has a recent incident reported in 2015. Every time the story remains the same. The strange incidents never really stop. People are horrified and concerned about these incidents.
  • Sukh Niwas Palace: The Holkar dynasty built Sukh Niwas Palace and used it as their resting place. This palace is open to all and is a historical structure standing still in the city of Indore. There are many rumours related to paranormal activities, weird sounds and the place being haunted. There has been no known reason for these instances whatsoever. The place can be horrifying during nights. The gates are closed and entry is prohibited here at night.

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