Haunted places in Delhi

Haunted places in Delhi

Delhi is the centre attraction of tourists as it is the popular capital of India. Many famous places are of keen attractions such as Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and Lotus Temple, but despite these places, some unpopular haunted places are a must-visit by the tourists. Haunted places in Delhi are associated with some really interesting stories striking a nerve in the spine of even the bold ones. Therefore, the places in Delhi are not a good place to be visited by people with a weaker heart. 

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Some of the popular Haunted places:-

  • Sanjay Van: It is a place located near Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj. Sanjay van is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi. It is a forest that has many associated horror stories with it. The place is open to all and has no entry fees. There is a belief of a hidden pond in Sanjay Van which very few people can find out. The place is also known as lungs of Delhi as it is a 10 km stretch of forest. People have experienced weird voices and noises, calling them in the forest. 
  • Jamali KamaliThe place is named after two Sufi Saints whose tombs are constructed in this area. It is believed that this ancient archaeological building is haunted. During the daytime, fewer instances have been noted, but it is prohibited to enter the place at night. It has been noted that people visiting this place feel like they are being followed continuously by a paranormal power. The central mosque is said to be haunted. It is located in Mehrauli. There are no entry tickets for this place. It is a public place which is open to all. 
  • Khooni Nadi: The river is one of the low-key haunted places. Khooni Nadi as its name suggests is a river that gulps in the people who touch its water. It is believed that the river has the power to swallow any kind of intruder. The place is located in Rohini and is many times compared with the Bermuda triangle. 
  • Delhi Cantonment: Everyone has heard of the protective forces and high profile security in the Delhi cantonment area, but despite all of the facts, it is counted in some of the horrifying places. Cantonment area is so quiet, dark, dense and lonely in the night that there are many paranormal activities observed here during nights. There is a figure of a lady in white saree, following the passers-by. The lady in white saree asks for lift and if denied, follows the passer-by. The dark and quiet atmosphere is enough to ghost the faint-hearted. The story goes like, and a lady was killed at this place during her visit. That lady is assumed to haunt the place still. Weird incidents have occurred and still keep on occurring. 
  • Dwarka sector 9: Despite being a sub-city Dwarka sector, nine metro station has been observed with paranormal activities. A sudden gaze out of nowhere is there looking at someone, and the next moment it disappears. It happens only at night. Many people have experienced this chilling nightmare. The place is a public transport providing area. Taking the last metro from here can be courageous.
  • House number W3:  The horrific abandoned house in Greater Kailash has the heaviness of paranormal activities in its air. The story behind this house is that an old couple was ruthlessly murdered in this house. Since then, it is believed to be ghosted by the old souls. People have experienced weird sounds and laughter’s from this abandoned place. The house number W3 is one of the haunted places to be on the list. 
  • Bhooli bhatiyari ka mahal: When there are darkness and quiet all around, this place gives a dark eerie, paranormal sounds can be heard, and various fearing events occur. This structure was built in 14 the century. The tuglaq era marks this Mahal. In that period of history, this place was used as a hunting era. Now, this place comes under one of the most haunted places in Delhi. 

Haunted houses to visit in Delhi malls:

 Delhi has developed a new attraction for haunted houses. Many malls have inbuilt haunted houses that are chargeable. These places are a great surrounding to enjoy a good laugh or feel the fear with friends. Some of the scariest haunted houses are :

  • Scary House, Kamla Nagar
  • Haunted house, Rajouri Garden
  • Funny kingdom: ghost house, Kirti Nagar
  • Royal Adventure Group, Janakpuri
  • Bonzai, V3S Mall, Anand Vihar.

Real spirits do not haunt the haunted houses built in these malls but manmade effects that give haunted Experiences. They sure do give chills to the spine. Some fearful shouts can be heard even outside.

For people interested in thrill, excitement and new challenges haunted places can be a courageous approach.

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