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Get The Feeling Of Traveling Every Day With The Best Travel Shows On TV

Today, traveling is a feeling of happiness, learning, exploration, and more. There may be someone on this planet who does not like to contemplate the panoramic view of nature once in their life. We read more about our favorite places in books, the Internet, and more. But they are less advantageous than travel programs. We tend to choose the best travel cameras, best destinations to explore the world in a perfect way. Many believe that watching travel shows feel like you visited many places and know about the closely. If you are Gallivanter (someone who loves to travel for fun and a great time) and want to know the best travel shows on TV in 2020, stay here. We will let you know about some interesting Travel shows one would love to watch.

Travelling is fun! Many people also suffer through travel anxiety, but there are many ways through which you can overcome it. Watching TV shows about travelling can help you figure it out in a correct way. So, read on and find out some best travel shows!

Why People Are Fond Of Travel Shows? Find Out Interesting Facts

Whether it is studying future travel or simply traveling on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I like to watch travel TV shows. We cannot be on the road 365 days a year, but this does not mean we have to stop exploring. With the help of some of the best travel shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, we can reach the world at our fingertips. These plots take us from the Mexican market to the hawker stalls in Singapore to the farthest part of the Arctic, and then back to the barbecue site in Kansas City.

You simply can’t get a list of the best travel shows on TV, and you won’t own the late Anthony Bourdain. He has appeared on our list many times. In “Unknown Parts”, chefs and travel personalities travel around the world in search of music, culture, humor, history, and (of course) real cuisine. After 12 seasons (aired after the last one died), Bourdon visited the native Andes with Eric Littlet, the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the Mississippi Delta.

Now, let’s get you introduced to some of the best Travel shows on TV for any of the purposes. We are going to mention the top 7 best travel shows on TV for unlimited fun and knowledge.

  • An Idiot Aboard Aired On Sky One 

When it comes to traveling shows one of the best experiences to watch is the man who gives you experience and taste of the complete world. He will let you see things from a small famous kitchen to the best fun sites. The popular traveler, Karl Pilkington (Karl Pilkington) set the show on excitement by adding his charm.

What You May Love To Watch?

He makes sure he put a check on his entire bucket list. One of his favorite episodes is Seven Wonders. The man has covered countries like Europe, China, India, and more in his travel episodes. We saw Karl taking a bad long-distance bus in India, rushing into the hotel room with his “suite shed”, and were usually impressed by everything he saw.

  • Long Way Down On BBC

A-level actor Ewan McGregor and McGregor’s D-level actor and actor Charley Boorman went through two arduous journeys on a motorcycle. The long journey took them from London to New York, passing through most of Europe, Mongolia, and Russia, and traveling along the long journey from Scotland to South Africa. They travel through places where people have never actually been, which allows viewers to get a good understanding of countries outside of the main tourist attractions.

What You May Like The Most?

The travel shows revolve around two good friends who love to explore the places. They became a companion in the highs and lows. Ewan McGregor is as solid as a famous actor and very interesting. When McGregor’s wife took it with her, the Long Way Down acted embarrassingly, completely ruining the boys’ excellent travel dynamics.

  • Australian Adventure on ITV Channel

The best trips are shown on television focusing on something very common in travel. Although the beginning of the show was not promising. But with the next episodes, Griff Rhys shows a great side of adventure. His luggage for a great 30 minute ride and aquatic adventure has long held the audience. Going with crocodiles, sheep shearing, prospecting for gold, and rafting, you join the drag scene in Broken Hill.

What You May Like The Most?

This simple of the show and later the poetry of the Outback and hitches a ride with a Flying Doctor makes it the best travel shows on TV.

  • Departures Episodes

The show starts is enough to keep the audience hooked with the travel show where two friends from Canada come together for a fantastic show. They take you to some of the interesting places and lets to know what local people do there, their lives, and some hidden truths. You also find them traveling with the local people and living their lives which is one of the best experiences in life. Episodes of remote areas such as Ethiopia, Libya, Madagascar, and Mongolia are must watch.

What You May Like The Most?

Top hosts Justin and Scott keep the audience entertaining with some good and other not so good actions. They did some fabulous work in the show and keep the audience alive. They are also caught in some wild situations, such as bullfighting, raising wild hyenas, and climbing a volcano in Papua New Guinea. The locals will not go.

  • The Misadventures of Romesh Rangnathan

Romesh Rangnathan is a handsome British comedian from Sri Lanka, who belongs to the category of “Reluctant Traveler”. In the first season, he was seen traveling to Sri Lanka with friends and family. He explored the place with some wild and great thoughts. In the second season, he was seen in the United States.

What You May Like The Most?

 It was just another immigrant who saw Romesh return to the United States to try to make him a comedian. For the tragedy of Romesh Rangnathan, he went to some uncommon travel destinations, including Haiti, Albania, and Ethiopia. Romesh is an interesting person (check him on Taskmaster and The Reluctant Landlord), and he met some interesting characters during his journey.

The Conclusion

Travel is an indispensable part of our life. It gives us immense pleasure and lots of unforgettable experiences. We can’t travel too often in our busy schedule but watching the best travel shown on TV gives us a great feeling. Above, we have mentioned some of the best travel shows on TV that will let you explore the beautiful world.

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