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 Check Out the Top Cafes in Bangalore

Please, your mood for food at some of the best cafes in Bangalore. Cafes in Bangalore are not anything new, but the variety of cafes are the real trendsetters. Enjoy the delicious cuisines served here across the city. Put your hungry souls to rest by obliging your taste buds to a whole new tour with every dish. Find an appropriate place to sit and chat with your girl gang. Chat with a glass full of lip- kissing shakes, overloaded nachos on the plate, and a variety of food options? Apart from many places to visit in Bangalore, there are some cafes to enjoy the nightlife.

The top cafes in Bangalore will serve the best purpose of hanging out with friends and family. Enjoy the chats with amazing food. Enjoy every puff of your Sheesha. Lush over every bite of your Caesar salad. The top cafes in Bangalore have everything for everyone. Find the best fit café for you from the following list of best cafes in Bangalore.

Try a Variety of Cuisines at the Top Cafes in Bangalore

Take a break from your monotonous life, and let your taste buds plan your evening or date night. The best cafes in Bangalore serve you food from the best- known cuisines of the world right here in your town. Pay a visit if you are in the mood for some continental food. Want some Mediterranean flavors? Or craving for the all-time favorite food from the North-Indian kitchen, you are in the right town. The top cafes in Bangalore are the right place to give yourself a break you deserve and serve your taste buds. 

Here Is the List of the Best Cafes in Bangalore

1. Café Nosh-

This cafe provides its customers with a cozy environment and a soothing ambiance. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating with a very courteous staff serving the guests. Include this cafe definitely in your list of wallet-friendly budget cafes. The dishes are everything you need to set the perfect gossip mood. 

Dishes to try – Nosh chicken steak, Peri-Peri cottage cheesesteak.

Average Cost-Rs. 650 for two people (approx.)

2. Marzipan Café and Bakery

Popular for the Greek cuisine, this café secures its place amongst the top cafes in Bangalore. The funky interiors with a soothing combination of white and blue. Guests can sit in seats like a swing; the café gives the perfect comforting vibes. Enjoy some time to yourself by reserving a seat by the window. Enjoy your cup of coffee and chocolate mousse ball. Get the alone time you always deserved with your favorite novel paying your company.

Try These Dishes Out-Turmeric Latte, New York cheesecake, Souvlaki Chicken/Falafel, Caprese Tart

Timings- Monday to Saturday 11 am to 8 pm

Average Cost- Rs. 700 for two people (approx.) 

3. Little Green Café-

This quaint little café rests in Shanthala Nagar, Bangalore. It counts among the most visited cafes in Bangalore. The pure veg and healthy options make it the perfect spot for hanging with friends and family. Gain only gossip calories! Enjoy the café’s quick service and quality of food. Not in the mood to cook and worried about gaining the extra calories mid-week? Head to this café anytime during the day and sip over the exotic tea blends.

Try These Dishes Out- Asian noodle broth, Oriental bowl, Mezze platter, Thai curry

Average Cost- Rs. 800 for two people (approx.)

4.Justbe Café- 

For all the health freaks out there, this café is your perfect go-to place. This offers a wide range of organic and low-calorie foods. It serves the most engaging variety of foods. Satisfies the customers by giving them options worth choosing from. This includes gluten-free, lactose-free, or Jain dishes. Want something to take your working minds off? Enjoy some indoor games while hanging out at this café.

Try These Dishes Out- Raw beetroot ravioli, Oats beetroot falafel. Pearl barley risotto, Choco chia pudding are also some dishes.

Average Cost- Rs. 1000 for two people (approx.)

5. Café Down The Alley

Head to this comic-themed café, Café Down the alley with all the comic lovers under one roof. Sip your steaming cups of coffee and argue over DC or Marvel with sinful waffles. Click your best shots with Wolverine, Joker, or the entire Justice League team, all at the same place. They serve coffee here with superhero logos and all your favorite characters.

Try These Dishes – Lasagna Bolognese, Waffle Nutella. You can also try Nutella crepes, Hulk’s own chicken burger, Irish coffee

Timings- Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm

Average Cost- Rs. 500 for two people (approx.)

6. Dyu Art Café

This café counts its place amongst the top cafes in Bangalore due to its perfect blend of good art and great food. This café holds a popular place among the art lovers. Another important element which makes this café the top is the fact that this café was once an old bungalow. The old-world charm with gabled roofs and open courtyards, this café is worth your visit. Enjoy your choice of coffee brews and English breakfast, and admire the art in the gallery.

Timings- 12 noon to 10.30 pm (Monday)

10 am to 10.30 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Try These Dishes – Cheese Balls, Thai cucumber salad, Masala omelet, Fish Florentine. Avocado brownie, Signature Chocolate Cake are some other dishes.

Average Cost- Rs. 800 for two people (approx.)


Take a break from your regular lifestyle, even in the middle of the week. Do not wait for the weekend for the break you deserve. Meet your taste buds by visiting the top cafes in Bangalore. They offer its various customers a variety of cuisines to gush over. Have an ideal café for the perfect gossip with your friends. Hang around with your family and play some indoor games. Embrace the cozy and comforting environment. Take a break from your life, and let your taste buds plan your day. The cafes in Bangalore will not disappoint you. Savor the variety of flavors and find your best fit with these Bangalore cafes, making you feel at home.

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