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Best travel cameras for the year 2020

Why We Need a Travel Camera?

When we talk about travel and capturing that beautiful scenery, only one thing comes into our mind, a good camera. Of course, the phone cameras are now advanced enough to give you satisfying results, but if you want to control the scenery according to your desires, only a camera can do it at best. When talking about the best travel cameras, that are suitable for the modern era, nothing can beat the power of mirror fewer cameras. Mirror fewer cameras have crashed the market with their outstanding performance and amazing colors.

The following is a list of some of the best travel cameras of 2020 to give a satisfactory result whenever you click –

best travel cameras

Sony a6400

This camera is a mirrorless camera and is still one of the best selling cameras for 2020. The camera has a 24 Megapixel APS-C (Crop) sensor at a price range of 75,000 (body only). The camera shoots 4k video at 30fps and can shoot up to 100 fps in HD.  The autofocus of this camera is hands down the best in terms of photos or shooting a video. Also, the camera has a wide variety of lenses to choose from. It has a flip-up screen that can help you in vlogging or taking selfies. The camera has a sleek design and it’s very lightweight. One little downfall of the camera is its battery life which lasts only for 40mins up to 1hour. Therefore extra batteries are recommended.

 Fuji film XT-3

Fuji does not get much credit that they deserve, but in terms of image quality and color reproduction, Fuji as a brand is one of the most amazing companies in the market. This camera has a 26 Megapixel sensor. For video, it shoots 4k at 60fps and 120fps in HD.  The images captured by this camera are just, magnificent. Fuji film was initially the company that made 35 mm film for Hollywood movies and decades later they incorporated that look in their new technologies that provides you with amazing film stimulation. For autofocus, it’s mediocre for videos but works really well while shooting videos. The design of the camera was inspired by the 40s-50s vintage camera where you get all the dials for ISO, Shutter speed plus the modern technology with touch screen and has the familiar buttons that you see in modern cameras. This camera is a little pricey, so you can also get Fuji film XT30 which provides almost the same results in terms of image quality but with a lower frame rate on 4k videos.


This camera is the most affordable and user-friendly travel camera in the market today. It has a strong image and a great user-friendly design.  The camera has a 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor. The camera shoots 4k videos at 24-30 fps and 24-60 fps in HD. It does do 120 fps but only in 720p. The camera has great color reproduction and image quality and also has the most popular color science in the market. However, when you go to 4k mode, it does 1.6x crop on the sensor and the videos come out as soft and brittle with a very zoomed-in view because of the crop factor. The design of the camera is super user friendly so if someone has never used a camera before, this camera is super easy to use. It also has a side flip screen which makes it very easy to vlog and take selfies with.

Canon 90D

This camera is the older brother of Canon M50. It is specifically made by keeping in mind the professionals and camera enthusiasts. It has a 32 Megapixel APS-C size sensor which is a really high resolution for this sensor. It shoots HD videos in 120 fps and does 4k videos at 24/30 fps without any crop. The image coming out of this camera is really strong and the color reproduction of the Canon cameras is still considered to be the best.  The autofocus of the camera is also really good with 87% coverage on the sensor. It’s very fast and reliable. The one thing this camera does is tracking faces and does an outstanding job with it. The design of this camera is perfect for professional photographers. It has an LCD screen on top to show the settings which makes it very easy to work with. The camera is super solid and also quite heavy. The battery lasts up to 4-6 hours which is what anyone would dream of.

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

Being an action camera, this camera is a must carry while traveling because of its really small size and the video quality plus the image quality it provides. It is a 12 Megapixel camera that shoots 4k video at 60 fps, surprisingly it also shoots 2k video at 120fps and HD video at 240fps. The camera is waterproof which means if you wish to go river rafting, this camera will record those crazy moments that you wish you could capture with your DSLR or phone. It also provides you with hyper smooth stabilization which means you can walk or run and your video will not be shaken up at all. Because using it’s a small size, you can easily carry the camera. This is an ace camera for vlogging as well as adventure sports and is made for traveling.

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