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Know About The Best Time To Travel Thailand For Unlimited Fun And Memories

Thailand is famous for lots of things. One can enjoy it here from sightseeing to large cities. There are lots of things one must know one traveling to Thailand. One of the most asked is which is the best time to travel Thailand. The place is on the bucket list of most of the people who love to travel, explore cultures, interested in history, archaeology, and more. One of the most loved facts about the Thailand vacation is you can explore a lot on a tight budget. Also, there are many places near Thailand that are worth the visit. One such place is Phuket that also comes in the list of best places to visit in January in world.  Thailand has places from luxuries to cheap. People also love food and nightlife. There’s a lot more about the place that we will discuss in this cool travel guide. But before that, also know that earlier we discussed the best places to travel in October in Asia.

Thailand – Get Things To Know As A Traveler

Bangkok is an amazing point to begin for a day trip from the city. You only need to go to the floating market, which is a paradise for travelers. You can also board a local train to explore the place and visit different locations. After getting there, you can take one of the colorful boats to buy tropical fruits and observe Thai culture. If you love to explore the Ayutthaya, you will be happy to know it is not too far from Bangkok. It is the ancient capital of Thailand where must visit place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll find numbers of monkey there.

If you want to know what else to see in Thailand, take a sleeper train to the north of the country. The sleeper train travels to the north and stops in the mountain city of Chiang Mai. Visit Suthep Temple and overlook the city. Take a moment to observe the offerings and prayers of the locals. When you’ll be returning, you will see many places to explore. So, you can also book a itinerary the next day. Or, you can book now to make the journey easier. You can choose to visit nearby river rapids, explore nearby villages, or spend a day with rescued elephants by caring for them and learning a lot of knowledge. One of the most amazing places to visit is forests and spectacular waterfalls.

Now, let’s come to the main point of our discussion which is the ultimate time to visit Thailand for the best vacation ever.

All You Need To Know Best Time To Travel Thailand For Sheer Fun

The coolest time to visit Thailand for a perfect vacation is from November end to early April. These months because at this time you can’t get rain and enjoy the sunshine. The temperature is below average. If you are fond of swimming and sunbathing then the best time to travel Thailand from January to April.

For those who are interested in sightseeing and travel to Thailand, go for the months like December, January, and February. The month that is not good to go to Thailand in October starting. Although it is believed that Thailand is awesome throughout the year. You may find changes on the east coast and west coast have different climates. September has the highest rainfall on the west coast, while the east coast has the highest rainfall in November. In most parts of Thailand, the summer is from April to June, and the rainy season is from July to October.

Find Out What All You Can Do In Thailand in Best Time

Awesome Weather:- 

Thailand is a tropical country, warm all year round, with an average temperature of 26-28ºC in winter and 32-40ºC in summer. In October, there is rain in the north and west areas. It also occurs from November to march east. So, it is clear now the best time to travel Thailand is the end days of October.

Bookings and Charges:-

Book the best hotels in Thailand in advance-especially during the Lunar New Year, Ginger (vegetarian) festival, and the months of December and January. Try to book rooms at least 2-3 months in advance during peak seasons, and 1-2 months in advance during off-season and off-season.

Don’t Miss This Surfing Time:-

The best surfing time in Thailand depends on whether people plan to go to the east coast or the west coast. Because the waves are small (approximately 3 to 10 feet), surfing is especially useful for beginners and those who board for a long time. Thailand is also great for surfing and that you can do on the west coast. For this, visit anytime between October to December and select the east coast. The information about the island or beaches you are visiting sometimes there is also danger signals. If you want to know what else to explore check the blog of places to visit in Dubai at night.

Time For Water Lovers:-

Thailand may have excellent swimming and snorkeling throughout the year, except on days with thunderstorms in the rainy season. If you want to explore the great islands of Thailand, go from November to April month especially to the Andaman Sea.

Enjoy Hiking:-

For the incredible hiking/trekking in Thailand, it is best to choose the cooler months of October to February. Although hiking is possible throughout the year, it can be very hot here in summer, so please bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent. The best time to do hiking is early morning.

Visiting Thailand In October Will Provide You With Everything You Want

The rain continued throughout early October and the temperature began to drop. However, more comfortable cool temperatures and lower humidity, as well as fewer chances of rain at the end of the month, make October a good month to travel. At this time, you can see all the beautiful colors of Thailand and gives you an unbeatable experience. With beaches, mountains, islands, and everything in between, Thailand is an exotic, never-ending unusual experience that will make you ask for more.

The Conclusion

Whether you are planning a vacation with your family or deciding to go to Thailand with friends, knowing the best time to travel Thailand gives you more memory and joy.


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