Places to Visit in Singapore in 3 Days

Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 3 Days that will Make you Pack your Bags

Singapore is a small island in Southeast Asia and is situated beside Malaysia. It is a well-reputed place having rapid urbanization. Being inculcated with appealing attractions, it has a composition of some of the best food around the globe. Having a melting pot of cultures – this Asian destination is something you just can’t miss.

To enter into Singapore, you will need to fly into Changi Airport, which is considered as a massive hub for Asian destinations. Even if you have a little time, or you wish to explore this beautiful city of Singapore in just three days. We are here to help you out building a breathtaking guidebook, which helps you locate the best place to visit in Singapore in 3 days. So, get ready to pack your bags, and don’t forget to take your travel camera along to capture all the beauty in Singapore.

Vital Things You Must be Aware of Before Visiting Singapore

There is no denying the fact that there are ample best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. However, if you are planning for this trip, then have a glance at some practical itinerary so that you don’t have to waste your money and time too much.

  • You need to fly into Changi International Airport to get into Singapore. Here you can hire a cab to the city in just 25 SGD (18 USD). Or, you can take a shared airport shuttle for 7 USD if you have enough time.
  • In Singapore, the currency is the Singapore Dollar. The exchange rate is nearly US$1 to 1.38 SGD. Most of the places will accept credit cards.
  • Roam around Singapore on foot, MRT (subway), bus, or by Grab ( like Uber). Please ensure to download the app before the trip and thus can pay by cash or link your Grab account to a credit card.
  • It is an option that you can pay for MRT tickets and bus journeys using cash. Another option is to buy an E-Z link card at the airport. 
  • It is a tropical country and has a hot temperature throughout the year. Though one can enjoy the summer pours from the month from June to August.

So, now you have seen the important things to be considered before coming to Singapore. Let us read on for places to add to your Singapore itinerary and see the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

What Places to Visit if you have only 3 Days Stay in Singapore?

Singapore is a place full of heritage sites and cultural hubs. But, one needs to delve deeper into the country offers by looking at the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

Places to Visit in Singapore in 3 Days

1. Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a glittering temple complex in the heart of Chinatown. 

Top attractions: The antique chamber can also be visited within the museum. However, it is not allowed to click snaps inside the chamber. 

Time to visit: The opening time for the Temple is from 7 AM to 7 PM every day, and the entry fee is null.

2. Little India Arcade

Are you all set to go to the most underrated places in Singapore? If yes, then visit Little India Arcade, which is indeed one of the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. 

Top attractions: It has plenty of flowers, decorative materials for festivals, trinkets, Indian pastries and desserts, fireworks.

Time to visit: 9 AM to 10 PM

And what more? You can even apply eye-catching Mehndi (henna) designs to your body here. So, enjoy and wander around with this crazy place with your family or friends.

3. Tan TengNiah’s House in Little India

This place is built in the early 1900s. The former house of Tan TengNiah, a businessman, is the last Chinese house in Little India, although you can’t tour the interior of Tan TengNiah’s house. 

Top attractions: It is still one of the most photographed tourist spots in Singapore, all thanks to its magnificent colorful exterior.

4. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Just a few footsteps away from Tan TengNiah’s villa in Little India resides in the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Still confused while finding the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days, then have a visit to this TempleTemple. It is an active site of worship with a massive amount of people moving in and out for the prayers.

Top attractions: It is one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temples. The TempleTemple is devoted to the Goddess and destroyer of evil, Sri Veeramakaliamman or Kali.

5. Gardens by the Bay

While looking for the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore, this huge complex – Gardens by the Bay comprises of many conservatories, gardens, parks, dining places. 

Top attractions: The three most impressive sights within the Gardens by the Bay are the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove. Among these, only Supertree Grove has free entry.

Time to visit: 5 AM -2 AM

6. Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

Although the fee to enter this place is steep at 23 SGD. However, it has a pretty and spectacular view, which most of the other places do not offers. Hence, we suggest you go over here as it is one of the most cherished places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. 

Top attractions: Having a straight left, you will see the Merlion from above, and to the right, you can see the conservatories and Supertree Grove. 

Time to visit: 10 AM to 11 PM

7. Merlion Park

You can’t afford to check out the famous Merlion statues if you are visiting Singapore for three days. There are seven Merlion statues inside Singapore, but the most acclaimed can be found in front of the Fullerton Hotel. True indeed, this place is a must place to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

Top attractions: The mythical Merlion statue has a head of a lion and a body of fish, which is Singapore’s national icon.

Time to visit:10 AM – 8 PM

Bringing All Together

Whether you have more days or less, these amazing places will make your Singapore trip a memorable one. So, next time you are planning a quick solo trip or a trip with your family or friends then, look at these best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

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