Best Places to visit in January in the World

Best Places to visit in January in the World

The first month of a new year calls for celebration and keeping up with the new year resolutions. The month of January is highly positive for most people as it signifies a new starting in life. Also, it is the best time to bring in changes in one’s daily routine to keep themselves healthy and optimistic in life. For all the travel enthusiasts, more or less, the one very common resolution in the list is to explore as many places as possible. So here is some information related to the best places to visit in January outside India. 

Most Preferred 5 places to visit in January include:

  • Phuket –it has warned, beautiful beaches
  • Bali – perfect for a honeymoon.
  • Sri Lanka – For its beautiful mountains.
  • Dubai – it has many world-famous architectures.
  • Switzerland – for people who love snow.

Top 10 places to visit in January 

Best Places to visit in January in the World

Although there are thousands of places to visit in January to enjoy the season of winter, here is a list of 10 best places to visit in January for everyone, around the globe – 

  • Switzerland 

An absolute paradise of scenic beauty, Switzerland is heaven on earth. It is a small country situated in central Europe, which is home to the famous mountain peaks of the Alps. This place comes under the top 5 places to visit in January to enjoy the snowflakes falling upon the ground, which looks magical. From picturesque sites of snow-covered mountain peaks to adventure sports like skiing, Switzerland offers a great variety of things to do. Swiss Grand Canyon and Zermatt are some of the popular places to visit for adventure sports. On the other hand, Davos, Lucerne, Arosa, and The castles of Bellinzona are some of the places that provide the best scenic beauty that is too good to be true. 

  • Bali 

Popularly known as the ultimate Honeymoon destination, Bali is a must-visit place for people of all age groups, whether they are couples or with family. Especially during January, this place is comparatively less crowded, and hence, tourists can enjoy peaceful outings at beaches and get a great view of the island. It is also called the ‘Island of Gods’, for it in-houses many temples and religious spots for spiritual people. Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot, and Mount Batur are some of the famous tourist attractions in Bali. 

  • Phuket 

Phuket is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy beaches and sunny vibes in January. It is situated at the southern end of Thailand in the Andaman sea. There is a long list of fun and leisure activities for tourists to do when in Phuket. From magnificent sunsets at the beach to the high-spirited nightlife is something that no other place can beat Phuket in. Apart from this, there are many water sport activities and jungle safari for the thrill of daredevils. Some of the must-visit places in Phuket are – Old Phuket town, Big Buddha statue, Freedom beach, Banana beach, and Promthep cape. Phuket is one of the best warm places to visit in January. 

  • Dubai 

A classic blend of tradition and modernity is what Dubai is all about. Sky touching buildings and enormous artificially made islands are the specialties of this city in the UAE. Luxurious shopping and a vibrant nightlife are some of the majorly exciting stuff every tourist does when in Dubai. Numerous art galleries and museums are also present to observe the history of the rich culture of Dubai. It is one of the best places to visit in January with family. Some of the places to definitely visit in Dubai are The Palm island, Burj Khalifa, Dubai aquarium, Camel museum, and Coffee Museum. Also, don’t forget to go on a desert safari for sure. 

  • Sri Lanka 

A small fascinating island country, Sri Lanka, is located in the south of Asia in the Indian ocean. From mesmerizing sunny beaches to enchanting hill stations, t is a place which is meant for everybody. It is a warm place to visit in January which makes it popular during this time, for those who want to escape the harsh winter season, Sri Lanka is the place to chill in the sunshine all day long and a perfect holiday destination. Colombo, Kandy, Bentota, and Nuwara Eliya are some of the most visited places in Sri Lanka. 

  •  Bruges 

Bruges is a city in Belgium that is famous for its exquisite vintage charm. In January, this place looks absolutely charming with all the New Year decorations covering the colonial-style buildings and structures offering a beautiful romantic vibe to it. It is a perfect site of historical structures and canal cruises. It is a fairy tale come true kind of place which leads to artistic wonders in terms of architecture as well as the rich cultural heritage of colonial times. The Lake of Love and Vintage Carriages are some of the top tourist attractions of Bruges.

  • India 

The land of festivals and diversity in terms of religion and culture, India is one of the best places to visit in January. The country varies in terms of season as per the geographical area. This is why tourists can enjoy both winters and summers in the same country. In this month, states such as Gujarat and Rajasthan organize various festivals for its visitors to introduce them to the rich culture of Indian heritage. The Meghalaya living root bridges, The Taj Mahal in Agra, and the Key Monastery in Leh are some of the major tourist spots.

  • Morocco 

From colorful markets to high mountain ranges, Morocco also comes under the best warm places to visit in January. It is a vibrant city in Northern Africa which offers a great deal of historic vibe along with charming and heavily crowded market places which makes it fun. Jbel Toubkal, Medina Souks, Atlas mountains, and Menara gardens are top places to visit in Morocco. 

  •  Laos 

Laos s a small country located in southeast Asia. Also known as the land of million elephants, Laos is famous for its cascading waterfalls and ancient temples. To get away from all the crowd and noise, Laos is a perfect place to plan a peaceful vacation in January, surrounded by monks who receive their guests with warm hearts. Kuang Si Falls and Mount Phousi are a must-visit.

  • Amsterdam 

To experience a classic Sunday morning that involves walking down the streets filled with boutiques and flower shops to get into cute little coffee shops blended with the perfect jazz music, Amsterdam is undoubtedly the place to make this happen. Famous for its vintage shops, golden age canals, and museums, Amsterdam is the best place to visit in January. Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and Dam square are the top places to visit in Amsterdam. 

Best places to visit in January for honeymoon 

Apart from the ones listed above, here is a list of places to visit in January, specifically organized for honeymoon couples – 

  • Male, Maldives – to experience the romantic sunsets on the beach.
  • Paris, France – fall in love under the Eiffel tower. 
  • Venice – the city of water that takes you back to the medieval European times.
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia – the lush green jungles of Malaysia never forgets to impress its visitors.
  • Pacific coast, Mexico – the sandy beaches and romantic sunsets are pure love. 
  • Finland, Europe – experience the northern lights with your love next to you.

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