Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends – Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends – Top Attractions

Bangalore is also known as the capital of Karnataka. This city is the combination of pleasant weather, scenic beauty, a number of fun places, beautiful attractions, and much more. Bangalore is a beautiful and bold city and also a mixture of different cultures. The city has so many beautiful views to offer for a fun-filled day out. The places to visit vary here from monuments, amusement parks to some amazing nightlife experiences.          

Bangalore is also known as the Garden City with a rich heritage and all sorts of hi-tech facilities. This south Indian city has a pleasant climate that adds up to your fun-filled trip. The city is the traveller’s paradise in all senses. Are you wondering what to do and which places to visit on weekends with friends? Here we have brought you some best places to visit in Bangalore with friends.

Top 5 Places to Visit with Friends in Bangalore

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends – Top Attractions

Guhantara Resort

If you wish to take a break from your hectic daily schedule, this place is worth the visit. Have you ever imagined of living inside a cave? Guhantara Resort is an exotic place that gives you an experience of life inside a café with complete comfort. This cave is also India’s first underground cave resort.

There is a large swimming pool, some open spaces for fun activities with greenery all around. Here you can experience a number of indoor as well as outdoor fun activities, delicious cuisines, dance, music, and a lot more. It is one of the best places in Bangalore to visit with friends.

Nandi Hills

For nature lovers, Nandi Hills is the best outing spot in Bangalore to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends. These hills are located around 60 km away from the city. It takes just an hour or two to reach this location. A ride to Nandi Hills with friends is one of the best things to do on weekends.

Here, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset views of Bangalore, being almost above the clouds. This place gives a heavenly feeling with a scenic view.

Bannerghatta National Park

With fascinating wildlife, Bannerghatta National Park is a beautiful park with a number of safaris spotting tigers as well as lions. There is a butterfly park which is the prettiest place to explore. This national park is one of the best wildlife reserves in South India.

This place is located almost 22 km from the city. Here you can witness a large variety of fauna and flora. Safari through this national park is surely not an adventure to miss!

Pubs and Nightclubs

Bangalore is a hub of exotic Clubs, Pubs and Cafes. Partying with friends is always on the top list to do. 

Bangalore has one of the best livewire clubs, cafes, and what not! Here you can spend one of the best times with your friends enjoying food, music, and breweries. Live concerts add a memorable and fun-packed experience in Bangalore. Also, there are endless food spots, shopping streets, hotels, malls in Bangalore to enjoy with your loved ones.

Some Fun Places to Visit in Bangalore

Here are some of the top picks if you are looking for some interesting and fun-packed avenues. There are plenty of places to visit with friends in Bangalore. Explore them to have a thrilling trip to the so-called Silicon Valley of India. You will definitely have the best experience with complete fun at these places.

Wonder La – Water Park

Are you an adventure lover? If yes, this place is worth the visit. Wonder La is one of the best amusement parks and comes in the list of best places in Bangalore to visit with friends. This park is not so expensive and offers complete safety for the rides and other activities.

You can get both dry rides as well as the water rides for a fun-packed day. Thrilling rides give an amazing experience which one can’t miss at all! You can enjoy around 60 rides here in total. The entry fee for this place starts at 700 INR. Also, there is a rain disco and a wave pool that adds more adventure and fun.

Jakkur Aerodrome

Being one of the best places to visit in Bangalore with friends, Jakkur Aerodrome is a must-visit place with your gangs. Here you can witness the adventures of parasailing and hot air ballooning. All the rides are conducted under the complete supervision of professional engineers and IAF pilots; there is no chance of any risk. You can be carefree and enjoy your rides to the most.

Play Arena

Play Arena offers you a number of fun activities which you can play and enjoy with your friends. These activities include bowling, rink football, beach volleyball, paintball, skating, target practice, go-carting, water polo, paintball, and a lot more. You can enjoy this gaming arena and spend a fun-filled day.

Flight 4 Fantasy

For those who have fantasies to become a pilot, you have a chance to complete them now! The first time in India, Flight 4 Fantasy is a virtual simulation arena that makes you feel completely real flying from 20,000 different airports present all over the world.

Here you can experience amazing sounds and vibrations that give you a complete real-like feeling where you can become the best pilot out there. High-speed action with 3D vision

Snow City

Snow City is a cold and beautiful place to visit. It comes among the best places to enjoy with friends. This place is also known as the winter wonderland of the city. Here, you can enjoy under the chills of almost -5 degrees created artificially. The fancy snow available gives you a chilling experience with your friends.


Bangalore has many beautiful places that can be visited with friends where you can have complete fun while making lots of beautiful memories. Also, an outing with friends makes the day more enjoyable. In the charms of this city, you can have a fun-packed day with your loved ones while exploring the places mentioned above.

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