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Best Places to Visit In Amritsar | Tourist Places in Amritsar

Amritsar is the heart of the history and mythology of Sikhism. It is a prominent land of beautiful culturally rich places that holds the heart of the nation. Amritsar is situated in the state of Punjab. The India Pakistan border famously known as the Wagah border is also situated nearby. 

The city of Amritsar is one of the prominent states of holy sites for Sikhs but nevertheless, it also is a great tourist attraction for people around the world. The hub of holy places was popularized after the 16th century. The name of the city itself has a holy history. The city was named after a Sarovar known as Amrit Sarovar. This tank ( Sarovar ) is located in the Harminder Sahib Gurudwara of Amritsar. 

Amritsar is also a heritage of Hindu mythology as the goddess Sita is believed to have lived in Amritsar previously. It is also believed that she gave birth to her twin’s love and Kush in the Ashram where she stayed which was located in Amritsar. This city is a heritage and it needs to be preserved. 

Top ten places to visit in Amritsar:

  1.  The Golden temple

The golden temple is also known as Harminder Sahib is situated in the heart of the Amritsar and is easily accessible to everyone in Amritsar. It is the main spot of the Sikh pilgrimage around the world. The inside of the temple is so calm and peaceful that it can express the spirituality of the place better than words ever could. The name golden temple was popularized in 1830 when Maharaja Ranjit Singh rebuilt the Gurudwara with marble and gold. This temple shines so brilliantly that it takes away the breath of the visitors. 

There is a Sarovar located in the golden temple which reflects the golden temple. At night the Gurudwara shines so brilliantly and beautifully. This temple has a vast history and it is a symbol of brotherhood and peace. There are prayers going on in the golden temple. The prasad is distributed which is a sweet dish called halwa.

The fifth Sikh guru named Guru Ram das was the creator of the Amrit Sarovar which is of religious origin and surrounds the shrine. 

2. Jalianwala Bagh

This is a place of important history. This place contains some painful historical memories of Colonial times where thousands of innocent people were killed brutally by British forces on orders of General Dyer. People were gathered in this ground situated near the golden temple to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi where they were killed. Later, Dr. Rajendra Prasad created a memorial in memory of these innocent people. This place is now turned into a beautiful park. The jalliawala bagh memorial management committee is responsible for its management and taking care of the place. 

3. Hall Bazaar: 

Hall Bazaar is a delightful place for shopping lovers. This is a market area which is a hub of all kind of materials brought together. The phulkari dupatta is one of the major attractions of the non – resident visitors and tourists. The entrance gate is a huge beautiful ancient beauty with a large clock. The lighting at this place at night gives it life. It is the destination for all the products as well as food items all together in one place. 

4. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum: 

This place was earlier denoted as a summer palace. It was turned into a museum later which was named was Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum due to its a collection of the heritage of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The museum depicts old coins, armors, and scripts of his ruling period. The museum is not only historically rich but also an attraction for students studying history. 

The museum has one more attraction. The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens called Rambagh. These gardens are famous for the sculpture of Maharaja Ranjit Singh on his horse. This is a beautifully carved sculpture that attracts people.

5. Akal Takht:

Akal Takht is a throne that is considered as the Supreme power of spiritual and earthly power among the Sikhs. This Takht was built by the sixth Guru of Sikhs known as Guru Hargobind Sahib along with Baba Buddha and Bhai Gurudas. This Takht when built originally was 9 feet tall. Now, this Takht is in a five-story building that is made of marble and gold leaves. The place is just opposite to the golden temple. It has two large flags that represent two swords. These swords are believed to be representing Miri and Piri which are the spiritual power and the earthly power. The Takht is of high value among the Sikhs. The Guru Granth Sahib is transferred from the golden temple to Akal Takht at night. 

6. Gobindgarh Fort:

It is a must-visit place for anyone going to Amritsar. This fort was opened to the public recently in 2017. The history associated with this fort goes back to 257 years when the fort was called as “ Bagian da Quilla”. This fort is known as the place where the Kohinoor diamond was stored before it was stolen. The palace was reconstructed by Ranjit Singh inspired by the French Architecture. The fort depicts the brave history of Punjab. There is a beautiful bungalow of colonial time which is a great tourist attraction. 

The fort has an inbuilt museum depicting the bravery and history of Punjab. There is heat inside the fort which is a place for buying stuff. It is like a mini-market. The fort has also a place where especially Punjab’s famous dishes are served. Overall it is a wholesome experience of the history and culture of Punjab.

7Shri Ram tirth temple:

Among the rich history if Punjab lies this Hindu mythological history which is preserved and depicted by this beautiful temple called Ram tirth temple. The history of this temple is marked by the Gurukul of Lauv and Kush the two sons of Lord Ram who were abandoned along with their mother Sita. They lived in the Balmiki Ashram. This temple worships the two sons. The architecture of this temple is the main attraction of many. Near the festival of Diwali, this temple is lightened by many Diyas. There are many spiritual practices that occur here on the Puran Mashi night. There is a tank that is supposed to be worshipped. It is also believed that the visit to this place remains incomplete without donating something to the needy. 

There are swings, light and Acrobat shows that go on here in the events near Diwali.

8. Punjab State War Heroes Memorial and museum: 

One of the major tourist attractions in Amritsar. This museum contains the depiction of all the bravery of the Sikh. The war they fought previously is shown beautiful via paintings, structures, artifacts, scripts, etc. The museum has an entry ticket of 100 rs. This museum is built of both modern and ancient architecture. The museum also showcases the brilliance of Sikh martial arts. 

There is a 7D museum inside the place which Sikhs the wars fought by the Sikhs. The 21 Sikhs who were martyred in the fight are respected over here by paying tribute to them.

One of the main attractions of this place is the 45 meters long sword which is made if stainless steel and is placed in a water tank. The names of all the sacrificed people are written over a wall. This place also contains some fight tanks. Overall this place reminds of the brave history of Punjab. 

9. Partition Museum:

This is the only place to depict the horrifying and heart-aching experience of partition and the time where millions were separated, killed, burned and parted. This is the depiction of one of the painful chapters in history. This place is located in Hall museum and is maintained and developed by art and cultural trust. This museum contains many items such as newspaper clippings, utensils, and other items that were donated by people themselves who experienced the partition back in their time. 

The partition museum is a part of the lane of museums and tourist spots beginning from the golden temple ending at the Town Hall.

10. Guru Ke Mahal: 

As the name suggests, this place is a sheltered spot. The place is built in marble. The construction is purely devoted to the Sikh Gurus. It is considered as the houses of all the Sikh Gurus. This place is of spiritual and religious importance to Sikhs.

The best market’s to shop in Amritsar:

A visit to Amritsar seems incomplete unless there’s a little shopping. This place is an eye-catching spot for shopaholics. The market’s of Amritsar is filled with vibrant colors, designs and different types of variety of stuff like traditional beauties, handicrafts, pashmina, Patiala, etc. Some of the major markets are a must-visit in Amritsar. They include:

  1. Hall bazaar: This is a destination that lies on the way to the golden temple and therefore is easy for tourists to roam by. This place is famous for its beautiful cloth collection including some rare designs which are not found anywhere else. Some of Punjab’s specific clothing can be found here in beautiful designs such as Patiala suit, phulkari dupattas, and Punjabi lungi. Along with clothes, there’s a special street for food here which serves the best Punjabi food such as sarso da saag with Makki di roti, Amritsari kulcha, Chole bhature, Chicken tikka, lassi, etc. 

The opening time is 10:30 am – 10 pm. 

2. Guru bazaar: This is located between the Golden Temple and Guru ke Mahal. This market contains all kinds of goods starting from electronics to accessories. The famous things of this place include Sikh turbans, handicrafts, ivory decorative pieces, jewelry, etc. This place is easily located. Prices can be bargained to attain a suitable price in this market. It is a beautiful eye-catching Market. 

The market opens from 10:30 am- 9:00 pm.

3. Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar: This market is famous for its bridal wear and phulkari. The main attraction remains the phulkari here. Along with clothing other main attractions include Punjabi jutti. This place is enlightened beautifully in the evening. 

The timings of this place are 10:30 am – 9:30 pm.

4. Lahori Gate Market: Lahori gate market is situated opposite to the Lahori Gate in Amritsar. This market contains all kind of products along with easy to go prices. The market is famous for its cafés and other delightful places. The famous cotton suits and the muffler of this market are an attraction. Most shops here sell homemade jams and pickles. 

The market opens at 11 am and remains open till 10 pm.

5. Shastri Market: This is known to be one of the busiest markets in Amritsar. The famous textile belonging to this area is its soul. The cotton, rayon and all different kind of products are available here in various designs. Along with textiles, it is also popular for jewelry including junk jewelry, fancy necklaces, and beautiful earrings. 

The market opens at 10 am and remains open till 9 pm.

Best time to visit Amritsar:

Amritsar is a city that experiences all kinds of the season from summer to winter. It is suitable to visit the city in the pleasant weather from November to March. However, the winters may touch to extremes of 4°c in these months. On the other hand, some people prefer the summers of April to June. The sun strokes are pretty heavy during this season and can reach up to 49°c. Another season known as monsoon is considered by some people for visiting Amritsar. The weather is pleasant and there is light to heavy rain.

Hotels in Amritsar:

Hotels in Amritsar are of varied options and budgets. They are available in numerous options so that visitors have a choice to choose their suitable deals. There are many popular hotels such as :

  • Ramada Hotel: This hotel provides free WiFi, free swimming pool services, 24 hours of hotel services and other expected services. The best price for stay here is between 6000-7000 per night. The hotel is located nearby the railway station and very close to the golden temple. 
  • Hotel Sawera Grand: this hotel is located in the Hall Bazaar area. It is pocket-friendly and has 3 different branches. This hotel is rated 3.9/5. The cost ranges between 3000-3500 per night.
  • Hotel City Park: This hotel is situated near the golden temple. Perfect rooms and other necessary services are provided. The cost is between 4000-4500 per night. The ratings are 4.2/5.
  • Park Inn by Radisson: If the search is for lavish hotels then there’s Radisson fulfilling that need. Radisson is situated near the airport however one disadvantage is that it’s a little far away from the golden temple. The ratings are 4.3/5. The cost ranges from 4000-4500 per night.
  • Royal Vitana: This hotel is on the third floor but a beautiful place to stay. This place allows unmarried couples and a bachelor’s stay as well. The hotel has a 2000-2500 stay price per night. The hotel is rated 3.9/5.

Places to visit within 100 km of Amritsar:

  1. Wagha border: Wagha border is the Indian Pakistan border which is popular for its Parade going on every day. The duration is said to be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Wagha border is situated 28 km away from Amritsar. Most of the hotels of Amritsar allows the trip to Wagha border with an additional price for conveyance. 

The retreat ceremony is held there every day before sunset which is a major attraction of many tourists. The trunk road that extends between the Lahore Punjab and Punjab in India acts as the border. The retreat is zeal filled and a prideful moment. The crowd cheers the retreat all the time. The atmosphere is so energetic over there. It’s a must-visit place near Amritsar. 

2. Ludhiana: Ludhiana is the central hub in Punjab including not only the political and cultural importance but also some of the great places to visit. Ludhiana includes tiger safari zoo, beautiful old rustic buildings, Gurudwara Sahib, a rose garden with 1600 variety of roses and so on. Ludhiana is also great for accessories, jewelry, clothes and it’s marketing. 

3. Lahore: Lahore comes outside the borders of India. Lahore is situated in Pakistan. The city is beautiful and one of the rick city hubs in Pakistan. One can visit here in order to experience Pakistani culture and heritage. The place is well known among shopaholics and food lovers. Lahore has some historical monuments which are of tourist attraction.

4. Harike wetlands and Bird sanctuary: This is an awesome place for the nature lover. Harike wetlands are the largest man-made wetlands. They are surrounded by a river at their edge which is the major tourist attraction. The place is supposed to have many reptiles such as turtles, crocodiles, etc. The bird sanctuary, on the other hand, contains a number of species of birds that attract many tourists.

5. Goindwal baoli: This place was built by Guru Amar Das in the 16th century. Goindwal is said to be the birthplace of Guru Arjan Dev Ji which gives it all the more religious significance to Sikhs. Goindwal is a step type open well built to procure the water of river Beas. The walls are decorated with designs of colorful pictures of the ten Sikh gurus. 

Overall Amritsar is a great place to visit at all times of the year with many places in and around it of great tourist values. It is a hub of amazing shopping and food places as well. Amritsar is a must visit the place to be added to one’s checklist.

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