Beautiful Places to visit in Sydney

Beautiful Places to visit in Sydney, Australia 

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, is a vibrant and beautiful place to visit with family and friends. It is best known for its shimmery harbour and some famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. 

Sydney is Australia’s most populous city and also the most famous one. Sidney is an exquisite city that is a blend of cultural heritage and modernity. Because of its temperate climate throughout the year, Sydney is suitable to visit at any time of the year. From beaches to mountains, this city has all that one can think about when planning a vacation. 

Melbourne is also in Australia known as the magical town. For a vacation in Australia, this is a beautiful place to cover hand in hand with Sydney.

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How to reach Sydney?

Before pondering upon the exciting places that Sydney has to offer to its tourists, it is important to know what all modes of transportation are available to reach this enormous yet mesmerizing city. 

Roadways – Being a part of an island continent, it is not possible to reach Sydney via road when travelling internationally. However, if travelling within Australia, it is easy to reach Sydney by taking a memorable road trip with the loved ones, filled with picturesque scenes to capture. Keeping in mind the fact that Sydney is a pretty big city, it is best to travel on a four-wheeler with insurance, especially on the highways. It takes approximately 9 hours to reach to Sydney from Melbourne and almost 4 hours to reach Canberra from Sydney.    

Airways – Traveling by aeroplane to reach to Sydney is considered to be the best and also the fastest way. The Sydney Kings-ford Smith International Airport is the nearest airport which is considered as the busiest airport in Australia. For Indian travellers, the time taken to reach Sydney is about 13-14 hours. Only Air India is the non- stop flight to reach Sydney directly from New Delhi, India. 

Railways – Railways are available only for tourists within the country since there are no railway options available to reach Sydney from any other country. This is one of the most economical and joyous options for travelling, in and around Sydney. The Indian Pacific Train connects Sydney to Perth within four days and is a classic luxurious train which makes the ride much more interesting. 

Best places to visit in Sydney

Beautiful Places to visit in Sydney

To make your trip worth remembering, here is a list of places to visit in Sydney that will help you guide through all the things that one must do when visiting these places.

  • Bondi Beach  

One of the most famous places in Sydney to enjoy the summer beach vibes is Bondi Beach, located almost 8 Km away from the heart of the city. Witnessing the golden hour and clicking amazing pictures at the sandy beach are what makes a vacation perfect. It is a major tourist attraction for surfers and swimmers throughout the year. It also has a walking trail to take romantic walks while watching the beautiful sunset, which creates the perfect scenic beauty. From affordable restaurants and cafes to water sports and much more, Bondi Beach in Sydney has something for everybody.

The best thing to do – Enjoy a delicious meal at the beachfront restaurants like the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar that offers a variety of food along with a breathtaking view of the coastline. Hall Street is another popular dining destination for trying out the famous Gelato Messina. The groovy Beach Road Hotel, which is a pub, is perfect for enjoying the nightlife with friends in Sydney. Bucket List and Anchor are the top bars to check out if you want to go Australian wine tasting. 

Best time to visit – During the annual migration season of the whales, which lasts from May to November, the visitors can spot dolphins and whales, which makes it the best time to visit this beach. An outdoor sculpture exhibition takes place in October and November at the Bondi beach, which allows the visitors to witness some extraordinary art forms from international artisans. 

  • Sydney Opera House

The world-famous Opera House of Sydney is an absolute delight to the soul and mind. Crafted with the sophisticated 20th-century architecture, the Sydney Opera House has a lot to offer to its guests. The place usually hosts around 40 performances throughout the week, including live shows and concerts along with iconic magic shows. The Opera House also offers a backstage tour for those who are interested in witnessing behind-the-scenes props and makeup rooms. 

The best thing to do – The green room in the Sydney Opera House offers a mouth-watering fully cooked breakfast to its guests. Peter Gilmore’s restaurant- Bennelong is one of the top favourite dining options in Australia for most of the people. It offers great food with an amazing view of the harbour.

Best time to visit – The tour timings to visit the Sydney Opera House are from 9 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays including Saturday. However, on Sundays, the timing shifts to 10 am to 6 pm. 

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge 

A true masterpiece of engineering, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed in 1932 by J.J.C. Bradfield, who was a very talented engineer of the 19th century. It is also referred to as ‘the coat hanger’. The bridge crosses over the harbour of Sydney and allows free walks and bicycle ride over it. The bridge is at the height of 134 m above the sea level, and the arch is spread over 503 m. it is one of the best places to visit in Sydney at night, to watch the beautiful city lights that can be seen reflected on the darling harbour. 

The best thing to do – Climb up the stairs to reach the top of the bridge and on the southeastern side, is the Pylon Lookout, from where you can take spectacular panoramic shots. Near the cycle-way of the bridge on the western end, is the Sydney Observatory which offers telescopes for stargazing. The Gantry is the best dining option available at this place.

  • Taronga Zoo

To meet and greet the wildlife creatures, the Taronga Zoo is a must-visit place. It en-houses almost 4,000 animal species including the famous Australian Koalas and Kangaroos along with many other exotic and native animal species. The zoo is only 12 minutes away from the Circular Quay. It also has an aquarium to give an insight into the magnificent marine ecosystem, to its guests. 

The best thing to do – Wild ropes is a way of experiencing the wildlife through a series of rope challenges. Zip-lining, rope climbing and many other adventure sports are offered at this place. The Roar and Snore experience allows the visitors to stay inside the zoo campus in tents, to witness the wildlife in its natural raw form up close with them. 

Best time to visit – Since early morning most of the animals are out and active, the best time to visit the zoo is just after it opens at 9:30 am, to witness the animals roaming around in their habitat and enjoying their morning routines. 

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities in Australia. If you haven’t visited yet, this article will surely help you to go to the places that are worth visiting and make your trip a memorable one. 

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