A Quick Tour of All the Interesting Places to Visit in CP

A Quick Tour of All the Interesting Places to Visit in CP

Surrounded by the white buildings from A to N block, CP is the center of the attraction to all. From religious places to fantastic food, historical monument, crazy shopping, amazing cafes, etc. This place fills your day with all colors. If you ask a local Delhite about the best places in Delhi, Connaught Place (CP) would be one of the names they suggest. So if you are someone who makes the list of the best things to do in Delhi, please do not forget to add CP. It is one of the most beautiful places in Delhi to visit with friends, family, colleagues, and more. It has everything for entertainment in one place.

If you are looking for the coolest places to visit in Delhi in evening, you can also check our complete guide and plan your trip accordingly.

Let us now understand why CP is always crowded on all days of the week. What are the best places to visit in CP? How can I reach different locations in Connaught? How do I deal with local vendors? You will find all the answers in our next sections.

What can you do in Delhi CP with Friends, Family, and Colleagues?

No matters whether you a Delhite or someone who visits Delhi for just a trip, without taking a tour to Delhi CP, your Delhi trip will be incomplete. Now, how can one reach CP in the most comfortable ways? Well, there are many ways – cabs, your vehicle, bus (least preferred), and Metro (most preferred.) Delhi Metro is one of the most convenient modes of travel. It is quick and 100% safe. So, we recommend you visiting CP via the metro route if you do not have your vehicle.

Important Note

A Quick Tour of All the Interesting Places to Visit in CP

If you are someone new to Delhi, you must find Rajiv Chowk (the metro station for CP), the most crowded one. Well, it is not only weekends, on normal weekdays the station is full of people. Now, you will see several gates and blocks to reach Connaught Place. There are in total 14 blocks (A-N) and 8 Exit gates on the Metro station.

In the quick overview of places to visit in CP in the below section, we will also let you know the block and exit gate no. from the Metro. So, let’s dive in.

List of Some Exciting Places to visit in CP to have the best time 

In this section, we present a master list of the best places to visit in CP Delhi for a gala time with people. Here we give all information about religious places to relax places in Connaught. It is a center of joy, of events, of gathering people and what is not. So let’s get started.

Bangla Sahib – An Oasis of Peace and Positivity 

The 24*7 opened Gurudwara, known as Bangla Sahib, is one of the most favorite places to visit in CP Delhi with friends and family. This place is always crowded with devout people. The place offers the scrumptious “Karah Prasad.” Also, one will get food here for all the hours. They serve langar to 25-30,000 people every day. 

Prime Attractions of the Place – The Sikh architecture style and the large pond with fish schools.

How to reach? – To reach Bangla Sahib in CP, one can take Delhi Metro and step out on Rajiv Chowk metro station. There needs to exist from Gate no. 7. One can also travel by personal vehicle.

Jantar Mantar – A Monument signifying Indian History

One can spend a maximum of two hours at this interesting place called Jantar Mantar. You can experience the scientific talent of ancient India. This place is designed by minds of intellectual and give you joy after coming out.

Prime Attractions of the Place – You can see the actual position of the planets and celestial bodies with the naked eye.

How to Reach? – Board to Delhi Metro and leave at Rajiv Chowk station. It is 2 mins away from exit gate number 2. You can also travel by other vehicles.

Pocket-friendly Palika Bazaar for all styles

If you ask someone what CP is famous for? One from three will say Shopping or Palika Bazaar. It is a market that has got from comfort to high-end brands. It is one of the best places to visit in CP to try the street-shopping experience. Every vendor sells some amazing stuff from beautiful pieces of junk jewelry to phone-covers, trendy clothes, décor material, posters, and many more. There is also some great stuff for boys like shades, belts, wallets, ties, shirts, jeans, etc. You need to exit from Gate no. 6 to quickly reach Palika Bazaar.

Prime Attractions of the Place – It is a market that has got from comfort to high-end brands. It is pretty much famous for Junk Jewelry.

How to Reach? – Take Delhi metro and step out at Rajiv Chowk station. Then, you need to exit from Gate no. 6 to quickly reach Palika Bazaar.

Get Zayaka from Street food to Comfort food

Whenever we plan to explore a place, we never miss out on food. From street food to cafes, CP brings happiness with its best flavors. This place brings you delicious breakfast to late-night booze in the best capacity. Now, some must-try things are delicious Paneer and Amritsar Kulcha to grab some desi breakfast at Kulcha Junction. OG Milkshake for delicious milkshake tries a decade old recipe of Bhelpuri at Odeon Bhelpuri Bhandaar to give your taste bud some different flavors. Also, don’t forget to best Desserts at Wenger’s Deli.

Prime Attractions of the Place – Amritsar Kulcha at Kulcha Junction and Bhelpuri at Odeon Bhelpuri Bhandaar.

How to Reach? – Kulcha Junction is near to Bangla Sahib, shop no. 6, and Bhelpuri place is in Block B. Please exit from Gate no.2 from Rajiv Chowk.

Oxford Book Store for Fantastic Collection

The Oxford book store at Connaught Place in Delhi is belied to be a book paradise. The atmosphere in the renovated Oxford bookstore forces you to spend a few minutes (or hours!) It lets you explore the wonders hidden on the shelves. Be sure to try the blueberry muffin.

Prime Attractions of the Place – Cha Bar offers an incredible selection of teas and coffee in addition to snacks and light lunches.

How to Reach? – Take a metro route that stops at Rajiv Chowk Metro station. Then, exit from Gate no. Five and visit Block N.

The Final Words

If you’re a truly Delhite, you probably already know the wonders that Connaught Place in Delhi has to offer. If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you decipher the best activities in the heart of the state capital. The guide above gives you a brief overview of the best places to visit in CP Delhi. It also takes you via the Metro exit to reach some of the coolest places in Connaught. One will explore several restaurants, cafes, shopping, and entertainment centers in CP.

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