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6 Things To Do In Nubra Valley For The Adventure Seekers

The north of Ladakh’s landscape is magnificent. Hikers and thrill-seekers flock here in droves. It is around 120 kilometers from Leh town and is noted for its stunning scenery. Trekkers and visitors visit this valley for the Shyok river, the great walking paths, camping, and discovering the beautiful views. There are several things to do in Nubra Valley that allow you to see nature’s most decadent color palette in action. The sight of snow-capped mountains set against a blue sky and surrounded by lush meadows is unforgettably beautiful.

1. Take A Camel Safari

The Nubra Valley’s Valley of Flowers is one of its most picturesque spots. This is the most excellent way to see the valley’s natural splendor since there aren’t many public transportation options in the area. You may choose from a variety of safari options. Camel safaris are a great way to take in this valley’s gorgeous scenery and neighboring landscapes.

2. Zanskar River Rafting

Rafting provides an exhilarating sensation that can’t be matched! That’s why it’s so popular among thrill-seekers. And the best thing to do in Nubra Valley is that you don’t need any swimming experience to have a good time! In the Nubra Valley camping experience, rafting is one of the most popular adventurous activities.

One of the world’s most beautiful gorges, the Nubra River Gorge, provides multi-day rafting trips for thrill-seekers. Massive mountains, some of which rise beyond 6,000 feet, surround the river. If feasible, you should plan at least 11 nights to fully explore this otherwise secret valley, which is full of fascinating twists and high slopes. Shorter rafting experiences are also available in various packages, and you should choose one according to your intended itinerary.

3. Holy Lake Yarab Tso, Leh Ladakh

A secluded body of water in the picturesque village of Sumur, this is the Lake of Secrets. The lake is a beautiful place to visit. It’s surrounded by stunning rocky terrain and has water that’s as clear as a mirror. Those seeking peace will find it here, where they may take photographs and learn more about the area. You must be an experienced hiker to attempt this route.

Take a seat on the rocks and enjoy the view of the lake. You’ll be able to breathe in the fresh air and feel the peace that this location has to offer. You should avoid washing your feet in this lake since the locals consider it holy.

4. Panoramic View Of The Panamik Village

Trade with Tibet used to occur along the Silk Road, which connected this settlement to Tibet. There are medicinal hot springs that lead to the Siachen Base Camp. Views of the Alps may be seen from the accommodation. 

You may climb to the Ensa Gompa and shop for Kashmiri and Tibetan goods, including Pashmina Shawls, carpets, and more. There is no other means of public transit in this little town but trucks. There are no hotels in the area, and the few homestays that do provide basic facilities are few and far between.

5. Zamskhang Palace Ruins

Locals think that the Zimskhang Palace Ruins date back to the 17th century. There are stunning valley vistas from this old palace of Nubra’s Kings. A modest prayer room is still in use on the top level of the court, which is presently abandoned. The main building is poor, yet it is a fantastic example of Tibetan architecture.

6. Eat Baltistani Dishes At Balti Kitchen

One of the Top Things to do in Nubra Valley is to eat vegan Baltistani meals like kisir with mascot and seasonal beverages. Walnut purée with onion and chili are components of the traditional Kurdish dish Kisir (buckwheat pancake). With a view of the lawn, dine al fresco with your closest friends and family.


Are you thrilled by the list of activities in Nubra Valley? This site is a photographer’s dream come true. Because of the wide variety of outdoor activities offered, it is a popular destination among thrill-seekers. So make your way to Ladakh and have a blast! If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, Nubra Valley is the place to go.

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